The Spirited Talk Song

During some downtime this evening, I decided to visit a new AI website that’s getting a few raves about how good it is at producing music with just a few words as prompts.

This was the sentence I used:

“A song about how visiting the website can help you with your education where you are learning to become a medium.”

I wasn’t expecting much. I entered the phrase and only had to wait about a minute before I was presented with two very similar results from the AI song producer. 

I was actually really impressed with the result. Ok, it’s not going win any gold disc awards any time soon, and I the lyrics are a bit random, but take a listen to it and see what you think!

I was even impressed with the title it was give. “Wisdom’s Resonance”. Then I ask the AI to extend the track for a little longer. This is the result.

Isn’t it remarkable what technological possibilities we have at our fingertips today. And the best part of all this is that these samples were free!