Sixth Series of Lanzarote Session – COMING SOON

It’s yet another cold and wet day outside, and we’re apparently in the middle of summer. Roll on September!

Wet July
The view from my Sanctuary window.

Yesterday, Monday, July 8th, was a complete contrast to today. I spent most of the day in the garden, mowing the lawn, cutting the edges, planting, and hoeing. Two green bins were filled with cuttings and old plants. Late last night, I came to the office in shorts and a shirt and worked until about 1:00 a.m. When I left the Sanctuary, I was shocked to find it was raining again.

The good news is that I can spend today here doing more work for the website. Two more days, and I officially retire—yeah, right!


| The Timeless Schedule

I was delighted to receive messages from both Envoy Ann and Envoy Jon congratulating my decision to focus more on the messages within the WFSIW sessions rather than on the chronological order, as I had been doing. Because I am revising my original comments on the sessions, I’m reading them as if they were brand new. As Jon and Ann said, the messages seem as relevant today as ever. 

Envoy Jon made a valid point that all new or revised releases should appear at the top of their categories. I agree and will keep with that format.

| Facebook Group Will Close On 12th

Around midnight on Friday 12th July, the Facebook group will be deleted from Facebook, as planned. This has been a difficult decision to make. The apparent lack of interaction has left me with no sensible option. As the administrator of the group, it has been upsetting to witness the lack of interaction from the members. It’s the best decision for the sake of my own sanity!

| New Content Being Added Daily

Yes, I do hope I can keep doing this! The website will have a new or revised post every day this week and next.  I’m building up a head of steam and have modified how I work with the original content for revision purposes. I wonder how long I can keep it up though! If I were able to stick to that schedule, it would mean that sometime in the middle of 2025, everything from the archives would be on the website. Exciting thought!

| The Sixth Series Of The Lanzarote Sessions

I plan to start the new series at the beginning of August. This will be a big series, with over twenty sessions I transcribed when I last visited Lanzarote in May this year. I’ve introduced this gap between sessions to concentrate more on bringing the other content to the website.

Website Design & Planned Features

I have several new features on my chalkboard that I hope to bring onto the website over the coming months. These include a working newsletter system (that would be nice) and a few other elements that’ll add to the decoration. I plan to renew the front page before the end of this year.


These act as a voice I hear. Every single one is read with delight and appreciation. Thank you so very much.

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