Minor Changes & New Additions

It’s Friday, and this week has been another busy one for this website. Alongside introducing the new regular content, I’ve also been tweaking some small website elements to make it look nicer.

I always think of this as Feng Shuiing the design. I see things that need improvement and get distracted whilst I change them. Bear in mind that I’m self-taught! Like so many of my generation, this all started back in the mid-eighties when I bought my first computer. A Sinclair Spectrum 48k. I digress!

The biggest feature added to the website this week that’s worth mentioning is the new AI AI-assisted feature. Let me explain! I do a lot of research for some subjects around mediumship and spirit work. But much of that work remains in my notebooks.

I wanted to find a way to introduce some of the notes to this website for future TIS articles. I use reputable AI systems to help collate the information. However, I’m a stickler for the accuracy of the information, so I always ask the AI bots to cite where the information has been gathered. I can then check those sources and ensure the facts are accurate.

The first TIS that contains AI research is now scheduled for release on Monday, 6th May. The article contains clearly labelled AI information interwoven with my own words. The advantage for me is that I can now broaden my learning and share my findings with visitors to this website. 

I’ve written a complete explanation of my use of AI. That can be found tucked under the Home link at the top of all pages. There is also a link to it in the sidebar of TIS articles.

I think the website is building into a nice collection, and I can’t wait until more of the old content is added.

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