How Big Is This Task Really?

I’ve been lucky because the weather has been non-stop rain for some weeks now. That has meant little or no time has been spent doing the usual outside chores I’ve to do. More time for me to spend without guilt in my office. 

We’re going to Lanzarote again very soon, and I had hoped to have that period away covered with scheduled posts, but as I speak, it does look like I will be producing some of those while I’m away. Not that I mind, of course.

The task I set myself at the end of next year was to build a new website to house all of my created content for the future so that I could enjoy my retirement without worrying about leaving a messy footprint on the internet. It’s now mid-April, and the new website seems to be functioning well.

Earlier in the year, I estimated from my records there were around 700 creations to add to this website. I was wrong with the numbers! As I write this, I know for certain there are still at least 900 remaining to add, and I’ve completed a few short of 100.

It’s slow because I have to correct my grammatical and spelling errors from earlier productions. I’m certainly not complaining. I always knew this would be a huge project. But it’s been one of those things that, if I’d really known the scale of it at the onset, would I still have started it?

Surely, that’s the same with many things we undertake in life. This is why I think it’s a good thing not always to know how much has to be done to achieve something before we begin. After three months of constant work on this website, with at least another seven months ahead, I believe I can see a sparkle of life at the end of this tunnel.

I’m about to install a traffic counter to the website for the first time. I hope to be able to see how many people are actually using the website. I’m not going to lose any sleep over the results, though. The website is for my benefit. I’ll be happy if a few others find it interesting enough to visit regularly.

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