Looking Back Nostalgically

Today, one of the newly introduced pages to this website was the podcast I had with Lawrence Savill in January 2022. While I was gathering all the information to create the new page, I decided to re-listen to the podcast.

Hearing these recordings once more brings a sense of purpose to my heart and soul. Lawry was a wonderful guest, as were many of the interviewees from the two series. To listen afresh though, warmed my heart and brought me a renewed sense of pride about being someone that works with and for the spirit world.

I’ve been studying and practising mediumship for nearly a quarter of a century of my life and the road has been far from a smooth one. There have been so many times I felt I wanted to walk away from it, yet something has kept me involved.  They say it gets in your blood and is impossible to ignore.

Listening to these podcast recordings today reveals one of the many reasons I could never walk away from this work. But in saying that, the flip side of the coin, so to speak, is how others involved in this work don’t appear to get excited about it as I do. 

Way back at the beginning of my ‘journey’ (I hate that phrase), I suppose I was looking for a sense of purpose in my life. I had found  (and still have) my life partner. I lived in a beautiful home and stopped having to worry if the bread had turned blue. So it wasn’t material things I sought. It was something for my own sense of pride, like a purpose for life.

Finding God, in the spiritualist sense of the word, was the answer, even if I didn’t appreciate it in that context at the time. Growing through the tough times, the downs, the agonies of learning to communicate with an invisible world, and all the pains of re-educating myself was worth every minute and every penny I spent to advance my new purpose in life.

It doesn’t matter if, when I pass to the world I’ve come to understand so well, people on earth say, “Trevor who? Never heard of him.” That was never my desire to be known by others. My purpose was to find something that defined me and who I am. To give me a sense of purpose and something to believe in. 

Yes, I am full of passion for my work. I just wish some of my fellow mediums would find that passion in themselves. Many do have it, many others don’t. It’s easy becoming a medium. The difficulty comes in the person adjusting, accepting and being prepared to make the changes they need to make to move on with their unfoldment.


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