I’m Packing Up

Yes, the time has come around once more to say goodbye. To throw in the towel and leave behind all my worries and stresses, and believe me, I have a few of those!

I know what you’re thinking. Really? Well, yes, sort of. You see, we’re leaving our home on Thursday and returning to Lanzarote for a rather long break. As I write this, I’m in the sanctuary office, writing for the website for the last time in this country for a few weeks.

On the bed upstairs lies all the stuff ready to go in the suitcase, including the towels, which is, apparently, my duty to carry! This morning I will be rounding up all the electronics and cables I need to take, including my bank of hard drives with all my work on.

We’re hoping we can travel a little lighter this time because we already have a suitcase full of stuff in storage on Lanzarote. In that suitcase, there is my main laptop and some of my camera gear, such as a tripod, etc and a small selection of clothes and toiletries and accessories.

Later, I will check the security cameras here are all online and functioning with full batteries. Our neighbours are primed to keep an extra keen lookout on our house. Jane has run down the contents in the fridge and assures me tonight is a chippy tea. A taxi will take us in the morning to Liverpool airport.

I cannot wait to get back to Lanza! As usual, I have a big schedule that must be worked on when I’m there. More content to be moved into this website. New TIS articles to be written. A new WFSIW to be transcribed every day for series 6 of The Lanzarote Sessions, which by the way, will guarantee I have content for the WFSIW series for the rest of this year. I expect to record more drone footage and possibly even record a couple of Talking Head vlogs. I’ll be doing lots of walking, lots of reading, lots of meditation and lots of sleeping! 

I’m not a big drinker on hols because with Jane’s ongoing issue with her ankles, we have to take the car everywhere. So instead, we like either a G&T or a ‘fake’ Baileys in the evenings when we return to the villa.

Some people have been surprised at how often we go to Lanzarote. This year alone, we still have two more visits booked after this one. Why? Because we’re aware that as we get older and our health deteriorates, we won’t always be able to travel as easily as we can now. The last thing we want to do is grow old with regrets of not travelling more often. 

We both have become aware that there will be no luggage allowance when we finally leave this earth for the next life. We will pass over with nothing. So it makes sense to enjoy it while we can. Anyway, it’s time to get back to the packing!

This time, in 48 hours, I’ll have a new temporary office, with air conditioning and a view of the sea out of my window. Yes, I’ll be sitting in front of my laptop, but I’ll be in paradise, my paradise.

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