Newish Chromebook Just Arrived

In many ways, I’m like the character Adrian Monk, from the Netflix series. He has to live with a serious issue of OCD which makes him a super detective. He sees every detail at a crime scene and, more often than not, solves the crime in minutes.

I have some of these mild tendencies in my personality. During the past two visits to Lanzarote, I have struggled to finish as much work as I intended. The laptop I permanently keep at Lanzarote is a big and old one that belonged to Jane’s mum. It works fine, but the 17-inch screen makes it a big computer to physically handle.

Being a Windows machine, I am easily distracted by other stuff, such as emails, social media, etc. I’d become hooked to the idea that I should downgrade the laptop for something that just does what I want it for – focuses my attention on writing.

So, when I returned home, I decided to buy a used Chromebook from eBay. The first one that arrived earlier this week, didn’t work and was locked at a deep admin level that the supplier couldn’t solve. After getting a refund, I searched again for another one and this morning, it arrived by DPD courier.

It’s an Asus C214M and is just what I wanted. It’s a small Android OS unit with an 11 inch screen, and absolutely perfect for writing on. It has a decent keyboard and a nice screen. The lightweight unit runs on the battery for up to 10 hours without being tied to a mains cable. Winner winner.

So on our next trip in September, this bad boy is coming with us and will be left there, while the big ole Dell will return home with us. It may seem like a minor thing to some people, but for me, this is a big deal. It clears the way for me to be able to write more content easily and without the need for a temporary office every time.

At this moment, I now own 8 working computers of sorts. I really should get rid of a few, but I’m a bit of a tech hoarder, truth be said. Anyway, I’ll be procuring the best software for writing for the new Chromebook today. For a few days, until the novelty wears off, the new Chromebook will go where I go! 

Of course, I name my computers and this new Chromebook will be called TISSIE – for assisting with the TIS series! Welcome to the Spirited Talk team TISSIE!

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