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I use the internet a lot for my research, but I’m keen to make everything I publish as accurate as possible, considering the nature of working with the spirit world.

Artificial Intelligence, otherwise known as AI, has advanced so much in the past few years that it is increasingly becoming more reliable than ever before. The important element is in the accuracy of results AI returns. 

Recently, I have found using AI to be an invaluable tool in helping my research for articles I write. Whenever I use an AI program, such as Microsoft’s CoPilot, I always make sure that I ask for citations and references for all the information it has gathered for me. This allows me to check the results for accuracy.

I’m a student learning about the spirit world and how we can learn more about it through our communications. There are so many areas to learn and study that one source, such as books, workshops, and colleges, is insufficient and not always convenient. We all have the internet to use, and now AI is there to assist. That is why I have embraced technology in some of my work. 

There are some articles on this website in which I share some of my research on specific topics. If blocks of information have been acquired using AI, I can assure you that I let you know. For the cosmetic cleanliness of this website, all or most of the reference links and citations have been removed. But rest assured, what you read has been checked for accuracy, and if there are doubts, I will tell you.

I have created the AI Assisted triangle symbol (see image above) for articles containing content from an AI source. When you see the symbol, be reminded that I have checked the information for accuracy.

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