Temporary Shifted Focus

This will be the third consecutive week where my set scheduled work will not be complete. That is to say, work for this website. I have two lists of jobs I follow each week. One is the ‘life’ list, for the jobs needing doing around the house. The other is the ‘dead’ list, for work on this website. The latter list always contains 10 tasks.

The weather determines where I set my focus for the day. The past few days have been somewhat dry, with occasional light rain. So, the outside jobs need my attention. Yesterday I decided it was time to get the jet wash out and clean the patio near the house. It’s a messy job!

As you might know, jet washing anything low down results in splashed on surrounding walls and doors. It’s not a problem; just lightly wash the area down when the main jet cleaning is complete. I know that, you know that, but Jane seems to forget that!

I called her around to the work area, just as I was coming to the end. I asked her if she would mind cleaning the new patio doors on which I’d got a few splashes. You should have seen her face when she viewed the mess!

It’s my sense of humour! Of course, five minutes later, the area was easily cleaned.

Anyway, the point of this ‘Just Chat’ entry was to let anyone who’s interested know that the work on this website has been very slow once more. I only have so many hours in a day and I have to focus on the priority things. Isn’t that the way we should all live life?


▶️Tomorrow (21st June 2024) I put the announcement in the Facebook group that the community will be closed down in 40 days. On 31st July 2024, after over four years, the community will be removed from Facebook. I’m not convinced many people will be bothered. Times have changed, and social media groups are the news of yesterday.

▶️ That will be the date when I stop working to a fixed schedule on the website. I intend to continue adding new content every week, but as and when it is ready.

▶️ The last time I had an eye test and bought proper spectacles was pre-covid. So, as a retirement treat, I made an appointment with Specsavers. On Friday 21st, I go back for the fitting of the new glasses. It may seem like a small deal, but I am really excited about it. For several years I’ve been carrying around at least three pairs of old glasses, each either twisted, broken, scratched, or constantly dirty! I cannot wait to throw my old ‘Jack Duckworth’s’ in the glasses archive.


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