Back In The Office With So Much To Do

It’s Wednesday afternoon and the view from my office window is dull and overcast. We’ve just returned from Lanzarote where we spent 27 days in a much warmer climate, packed with clear skies and hot sunshine. 

My office is cold and I’m wearing my favourite fleece to keep warm. I have a heater on to warm the room back up. You rarely see a heater in Lanzarote! Moaning aside, I’m keen to get back into the flow of things here, before we travel again in twelve weeks.

I had hoped to do a lot more work than I did whilst in Lanzarote. There were problems, though. First, I caught a cold again that reignited my chest infection, which I thought I’d overcome. That really was tiresome and I couldn’t focus on working.

To compound issues, I had problems finding a suitable area in both the villas we stayed at that was ideal to create a temporary office. Comfort is important when I’m writing. I did manage to keep the scheduled items on time though.

Over the coming days, I plan to get more done on this website. There are still some issues with the titling of pages that I need to fix, and a few other elements that need my attention. As they apparently say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Two significant changes have come from my holiday brainstorming sessions. One, I’m stepping back from social media, particularly Facebook. For months, I’ve become frustrated and upset at how little the group members participate. Occasional ‘likes’ seem to be the limit to people’s input. So to stop the negative vibe from affecting me any longer, I’m stepping back from posting anything on it.

In the group, I’ve posted an open invite for everyone to add content to the group to keep it going. If that fails, I’m closing the group in late July without notice. The group serves no useful purpose any more, and I don’t need the negativity it brings me.

The other major change I’m making is regarding promoting my work – I’m not doing any! I’ve stopped using the Substack platform, instead focusing solely on this website. That means there will be no further emails sent to subscribers. Reason? Sixty-eight per cent of emails I sent were never opened, and of those that were opened, only six per cent read the articles. Seems to me a waste of time sending the emails.

I love my work with Spirit and particularly enjoy writing about it. That’s not going to stop any time soon. What will change is how I approach my virtual classroom. If it’s empty, so be it. If there’s a few that come along every now and then, good for them. I’m retiring soon and I want my focus to be on mine and Jane’s life together. Fame or notoriety doesn’t interest me. My journey, my unfoldment, my relationship with the spirit is all that matters.



  • New weekly newsletter for Envoys and interested subscribers will be launched soon.
  • More content will continue to be added at a greater rate over the coming weeks.
  • A new section is planned where I discuss some of the nonsense that spiritualists believe to be true. It will be a candidly outspoken section.

That’s it for this chat! I’ve got stuff to get on with, including writing more in this ‘Just Chat’ section. So if you can, remember to visit this website frequently.

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