The Message I Couldn’t Share

It was Tuesday, 12th June 2024, when I had an appointment at Specsavers in Wigan. I’d had my preliminary eye examination and was sitting in the waiting room with an empty seat between me and the gentleman to my left. There were also a few others in the seating area, but my mind was drawn to the gentleman to my left.

Tell him I’m fine.” I heard in my mind. It was a man in the spirit world. He repeated the same words again, “Tell him I’m fine.”

With my inner voice, I replied, “I can’t.

The spirit man repeated his four words again and again, each time concluding with me repeating, “I can’t”.

Can’t or won’t?” a voice said.

I changed my response. “Ok, I won’t.”

The feeling I had was that this was this man’s father. But I continued to refuse his request.

This is a dilemma that some mediums face frequently. The spirit connection sparks into life at an inappropriate time, and the communication channel opens. This is usually not an action that the medium has deliberately invoked. The spirit connection is opened, as if without permission to do so.

Some mediums might suggest we should teach our spirit teams when they can and can’t connect with us. These mediums will suggest that we should learn to properly ‘shut down’ and not be poking around in the ether willy-nilly. They might further suggest that we, as mediums, should not be nosey and instead only use our abilities when appropriate.

To the greater part, I agree, though the concept of apparently ‘shutting down’ has always been something I’ve struggled to understand. Why? Because the advice and methods on how to and when has never made any sense to me. These educators have often been the same ones who’ve suggested I should learn to open and close my chakras correctly. Give me strength!

As mediums, we are responsible for representing our work professionally and with integrity. I agree that we shouldn’t be walking around spouting off half-baked messages from the spirit world to the complete stranger in the supermarket, or on the bus to the  random stranger sitting next to us, or some other random public place. That said, a few years ago, there was an American television show with British-born medium Lisa Williams called “Life Amongst The Dead”. Part of the show included her walking around the streets of her local town, picking on random people and giving an impromptu reading there and then. But of course, she was well-known and her celebrity status, plus having a camera crew with her changed the circumstances.

Although generally, I agree that it’s not appropriate or proper for the average medium to approach strangers and give random readings, there are circumstances where these rules might be overlooked. Suppose Paul Jacobs, Eileen Davies, Darren Brittain, or any other well-known medium were to offer someone a random reading. In that case, there is a reassurance in knowing that the information they pass will be accurate. But, and this is a big but, they probably never would. If the odd occasion did occur where they felt the message needed to be shared, they would have been experienced enough to judge the circumstances and know whether it would be appropriate. Perhaps they’d first make small talk with the living person and in engaging, weigh up whether, in their professional judgement, the communication should be shared. Again, this is highly unlikely and something I’m confident they don’t often entertain through years of professional mediumship.

I don’t frame myself as such a medium. Yes, I proclaim to be professional in the practice of my mediumship. But as my partner knows only too well, occasions have occurred where I’ve felt the need to pass a message to someone I don’t know, who happens to be near me. Let it be known I always judge the situation, and angle a conversation first before sharing the message from the person in spirit connected with me at that moment.

Am I wrong to do that? First, one must understand that this isn’t a frequent occurrence. There are as many such times where I’ve known something about the person near me, a person in spirit around them making themselves known to me, but I refuse to respond. My partner knows how often I’ve privately shared something I picked up from being around that person’s energy. Yes, this is often psychic energy at work, connected to their earth energy, but when I work, the two energies work together. I also don’t make a point of doing it – it just happens.

I’ve said many times in my written work that I’m not a qualified or certified teacher of mediumship. I’m a student and always will be. I share my opinions and my experiences in the hope that others might find some benefit from my words. As a child, one occasion, I fell off my new bicycle in front of my father, who was teaching me to ride it. I had been showing off at the time and had taken my hands off the handlebars to impress him. I took a tumble that grazed my knees. My dad’s response was with words that have stayed with me all my life and lend themselves to many aspects of life in general. He said,

“Laddie? Learn to ride the bike properly before you take your hands off the handlebars.”

Learning to be a medium and understanding the role’s responsibilities is paramount. Thousands of ordinary people already believe we’re a tad weird in claiming to talk to ‘dead’ people. The press and media love a nutter, as we’ve seen or read about so frequently. Perhaps we students could learn by watching those well-known professional mediums in their personal lives, if that were at all possible. They don’t go around with badges or uniforms telling everybody who they are or what they can do. I can’t imagine Eileen Davies giving an off-the-cuff message to someone next to her in the freezer aisle at her local Spar!

On this occasion at Specsavers, in the waiting room, there was no way I would share the father’s message in spirit with this man seated near me. But later that day, when I shared the words of the message with my partner at home, she was able to confirm that the message would have been accurate and meaningful to the gentleman in Specsavers.

You see, I knew who that gentleman in Specsavers was. It was Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the speaker of the House of Commons and local MP for Chorley, a neighbouring small town. Seated near him was a man accompanying him, who I assumed was a plain-clothed member of his protection team.

Sir Lindsay spoke to me, and a few others in the waiting area who’d recognised him. He appeared a very down-to-earth and somewhat ordinary man, friendly and approachable. My partner Jane looked him up on the internet later to learn more about his local connections. It was during that research she discovered that Sir Lindsay’s father had recently passed to spirit in April this year. He too, was a well-known politician when he was alive on earth.

Doug Hoyle had successfully passed a message to me that I will most likely never know the significance of. Perhaps it was my own self-awareness that stopped me sharing the message. I’d prefer to believe it was because I’m an ambassador for this work we do and I wasn’t prepared to be seen differently.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle
Sir Lindsay Hoyle
Douglas Hoyle
Douglas Hoyle - Lindsay's Father

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  1. Thanks Trevor for such an open and honest account of your views on “impromptu” readings. I have found myself in the same position on a number of occasions and have not given a message. But… with the non-delivery of the message comes the guilt and soul-searching. Should I have given the message or was ego the reason I didn’t give it? Was I afraid of being branded some sort of weirdo loony! Your article clarified the situation and can see the common sense approach you outline.

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