Life Is Always The Best Alternative


I’ve shared the story before about when I used to attend my local spiritualist church, I would take a notebook with me, specifically to take notes of any philosophy that inspired me. I found so much value in some of the pieces I heard from the church mediums.

Perhaps this is why it annoys me when mediums openly declare they don’t do philosophy. I always think of that as akin to saying to the congregation, “Unless I give you a reading, there’s nothing for you here today.

I’m always open to being inspired by others, and I hope you’re open to inspiration from some of my work. For this article, I was inspired by a recent WFSIW session in which the speaker’s message was more than just philosophical. 

The speaker opened with a lyric from a song, “Life Is Always The Best Alternative“. So, after the transcription session was over, I duly searched the internet for the lyrics and was surprised when I couldn’t find a song with the exact words in it. 

I felt that the lyric was so powerful a message I simply couldn’t let that be the end of it.

This sequence of events led me to what you’re about to hear. The previous night (Friday), I finished my work on this website around 1:00 am. Before returning to the house, I decided to check out a few internet searches I’d listed from several newsletters awaiting my attention. One of those sites was a brand new one offering AI songs from only a few words given as a prompt.

The results were quite amazing, and one of those results can be found in the ‘Just Chat’ section of this website. I loved it so much, I decided to post it to this website there and then. 

Shortly after, I retired for the day, leaving my computers up and ready for the Saturday morning work – to produce the next WFSIW session for the forthcoming Thursday.

Saturday morning came, and I started work on producing the WFSIW I’m referring to. It is among the most powerful and inspiring messages I’ve heard from the spirit speakers. After I’d completed the presentation, I still had this speaker’s suggested lyric churning around in my mind. I knew it was too good just to forget. 

Then I spotted on my second computer that the AI website was still open from the previous night. “I wonder if I can create an AI song with that lyric,” I thought.

It took me about 30 minutes of trial and error to guide the AI software in producing the following song. I’m confident that I could have created a song even better with more time and understanding than this one.

So, although I took the steps for this song to come to fruition, it was entirely inspired into being by the speaker in spirit. 

There are so many morals in this story we could consider. For example, how the spirit world planted the seed, and I acted upon it. Or how much more is available to us than we often give ourselves space to appreciate. I’m hoping that you, as the reader, have found some inspiration from my work, thanks to the world of spirit. I also hope that you take time out every day to appreciate the beautiful things that are brought to you from this life. 

Now, without further delay, is the AI-created song called “Life Is Always The Best Alternative”



I couldn’t stop myself taking this track and trying to extend it a little, using my very basic editing software. This is the resulting extended track.

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  1. Love the song, Trevor. I’m going to try using it to enhance the experience of sitting in the power. Hope the spirit world don’t have performing rights body (forgive the pun)!!

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