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Revised and abridged version of a four-part series originally published on Substack channel.

There are several issues a budding medium has to overcome to get to the stage of presenting a significant message as evidence of continuing life after this one. In this article, in note form, I’ll share tips that may help improve your mediumship abilities.

Most mediums worldwide use the faculty of their mind to receive communications from the spirit world. The process is often termed mental mediumship. It’s not the only way we can communicate with those who want to send us messages of hope and love from their discarnate world. It is, however, the method that most people are familiar with and the usual starting point for new mediums to learn.

In simplified terms, communication from the spirit world is received through the medium’s mind, which interprets and forwards the pictures or words into a message they share with someone on this side of life. 

The quality of the final communication relies on the medium’s relationship with the spirit world. However, the spirit world will often work with whatever they have to work with to the best of their abilities. After all, they have to act as mediums as well!



  • The biggest issue a medium must first overcome is their trust in the process. Trusting what you perceive comes from an alternative source other than your imagination. The message will be from your imagination – the bedrock of communication with the spirit world.
  • The person in the spirit world can communicate by using the vibration and energy created by your mind. Remember the rule – everything in life is based on energy. Your thinking, mind, and brain operate as an energy – a frequency if you want to simplify it. 
  • Our conscious mind is where we do our day-to-day thinking, and our subconscious mind is where automated tasks happen, such as breathing, blinking, heartbeats, etc. Thank goodness, we have no conscious control over those! Pain, for example, starts in our subconscious mind. It’s a response signal produced by the brain to warn us. Our conscious mind picks up on this signal and responds accordingly.



  • Evidence gathered from scientists and experts in mediumship suggests that the spirit world uses our subconscious mind to relay their communications.
  • It is the easiest platform for them because the vibration rate of the subconscious mind is the nearest vibration to theirs.
  • The medium then automatically becomes aware of the communication and reassembles it through their conscious mind.  This is the first point where the original message could be interpreted wrong by the medium, no matter how experienced they are.



An example of how a medium might translate a received message wrongly. 

During a reading, a medium might feel compelled to emphasize ‘Thursday’ as a pivotal part of the communication they’re receiving from the person in spirit.

But the person they are relaying this communication to shows confusion and denies Thursday as being of any significance.

However, the spirit communicator was actually trying to convey the word ‘Thirsty’ to the medium, a significant symptom they experienced before passing.

This was an important symptom the spirit communicator suffered from before passing.

The words sound the same, but the medium interpreted the sound incorrectly. That would have been incredible evidence for the recipient, but sadly it got lost in the translation from the medium’s interpretation.

Through practices such as meditation, sitting in the power, and attunement, the medium can hone their abilities and, combined with experience, become more able to listen to and interpret their thoughts more accurately. 


Most of the communications from the spirit side are received through the medium’s subconscious, which is then interpreted by the conscious mind. Often through recalling life experiences, stories, symbols, and meaningful references that the medium holds in its life-memory bank.

As with the example above, how the medium interprets the communication is critical. The medium’s wording often makes a substantial difference in how the recipient interprets the communication.

Sometimes, you’ll witness other mediums lacing their own personal stories as part of their communication process. This is usually because those stories have been brought to the forefront of their mind by the spirit world for a reason.

An experienced medium might already be aware of precisely what the communication refers to and can confidently announce it without needing a personal story example.


Subtle differences between two mediums’ interpretations of the same message.

Confident Medium
“This person reminds me of when they bought a car that broke down on the way home, and they called you to come and rescue them. Can you recall that?”

Cautious Medium

“Why am I being reminded of a time when my car broke down, and I had to call my parents to come and help me out? Does that mean anything to you?”

From my experience and observations, the more advanced medium relies less on their personal stories, instead translating the basis of the story as evidence for the person they’re reading from. 

Some mediums are born with an enhanced awareness of the spirit world. They are what we know as natural mediums. Their abilities have sharpened from a very early age, and their life circumstances have led to them becoming outstanding or ‘gifted’ mediums. But that does not mean others cannot tap into their own potential and learn to communicate with the spirit world. Age has no relevance.


  • Everyone has a relationship with their own spirit and, therefore, the spirit world. After all, where do you think your own spirit resides if not in the spirit world?
  • Even if you’re a non-believer in there being an afterlife, you will have a relationship that you are unaware of.
  • Those helping, guiding and working with us in the spirit world are with us throughout our lives, whether we acknowledge them or not.
  • Guides will change to suit our requirements, but someone from their world will always be with us.
  • Them being there is one thing, but us being aware of them is something entirely different.
  • Building and developing an awareness and relationship with the spirit communicators takes time.
  • People on earth often set unrealistic expectations of their spiritual connection and relationship.
  • The spirit world doesn’t live by the same rules as we do and is not dependent on the same physics and science that we live by.
  • Building a working relationship with the spirit world takes effort, time and, most importantly, patience.
  • Living with an open mind and a huge amount of trust is essential.


Some mediums don’t work on this relationship and are still able to produce good evidence. But they are rare, and at some level of understanding, they know how their spirit-connect works with them. Often, their mediumship could and would improve even further if they were to work on that special relationship more.


We’ve learnt above that one of the factors involved in communicating with the spirit world is how we interpret their communications with us. At the same time as a medium receives a message, there are often other human habits involved in the process, the most noticeable being our own ego.

  • By the nature of the work, mediums want to be correct every time. This is an entirely unrealistic expectation for most of us. Our ego fuels that yearning to be right every time. Often, mediums are so headstrong in getting a message for their recipient that they snatch everything they think they receive and deliver it half-loaded, so to speak.
  • Mediums want to be seen as able to deliver amazing proof and wonderful messages all too often without working more on the relationship with the spirit people connecting to them. Their focus is primarily in the room, watching for reactions from their spoken words, and often more concerned about how they are coming across.
  • They are naturally protecting their fragile egos.
  • By the nature of the job, mediums become super-sensitive individuals. That trait can act as a double-edged sword. Sensitivity is essential for recognising the person in spirit. However, that sensitivity also means they are often careful not to put themselves in a situation where they are wrong or appear wrong.
  • This can mean that the medium interprets the message in their own fashion rather than as it was delivered. Filtering, as it is known, is the worst trait a medium can do when working as a channel for the spirit world.
  • Sadly, financial rewards are often a determining factor with mediums, especially in one-on-one situations. The medium that wants to be paid will occasionally focus too much on value for money with their client rather than the quality of the message.
  • They may also be too aware of a limited or restricted time, distractions in the room and facial expressions of their audience.
  • A good medium is not easily distracted and will be seen spending more time with an inward focus, rather than in the room or on the recipient. They deliver deeper messages with real evidence because they have a life-long experience based on their relationship with their spirit workers.

Becoming better as a medium takes deliberate effort. The best mediums do their work effortlessly because of their deep awareness of their relationship with the spirit world. They have no doubts about their work because they’ve learnt how to become great mediums. They have learnt how to handle themselves on a platform or one-on-one. Their confidence oozes because they know what they’re doing from a life of learning, trying and often failing.


  • Absolutely yes. But whether the medium is prepared to learn, study, work on their relationship with the spirit world, improve themselves in other aspects of their life, or devote the time and effort to be a good medium lies with them and them alone.
  • Learning to become a good medium is not about egos or popularity.
  • Nor is it about polished performances or outstanding evidence of life thereafter. It’s about dedication, devotion and self-growth.

Tutors often suggest that their students write down exactly why they wish to become mediums. What is the driving force behind the desire? What does the student expect to achieve and why? These questions can only be answered by the individual privately. It is their deep desires that matter. The honest answers they say to themselves and believe beyond any outward expressions.

So far we have learnt about a few key ways to become better mediums, delivering incredible communications from the other side. We have learnt that the most important key to successfully acting as an empty channel for the spirit world to use is within the strength of our relationship with those working with us from the other side.

To conclude,  let me share a few easy techniques and daily routines you can use in your  personal development.



  • One of the biggest challenges students of this work with spirit have is accepting that there is an invisible world of actual people in spirit working with them. Those guides and helpers living in the world of thought are always there with us but rarely reveal themselves in any tangible and physical way that we can be entirely convinced of.
  • Even when they occasionally do, soon after, we allow that experience to fade from our memories as if it never happened, and our doubts again rule our thinking. 
  • The world in which the spirit people reside is governed by its science and physics, entirely different from our world. Therefore, both worlds’ residents must find ways to communicate through the boundaries. 
  • Communications and actual sensations of the spirit world are often extremely subtle. So subtle that most people would dismiss them as insufficient and perhaps coincidental. This is where we have to realign our expectations and start by accepting that perhaps that tingling on the back of the neck might be the actions of someone in the spirit world.
  • Some mediums will claim they see the spirit communicator in their mind’s eye, though this is less common than one might believe.
  • Others become aware of the presence of spirit through various sensations they experience. The subtle touch of hairs on the arm, the gentle spidery feeling on the head, for example. Each relationship is different according to the medium’s experience.
  • The key for the medium is to accept that the spirit world is creating the sensations they experience.
  • Maybe not all such feelings are indeed the spirit world, but associating them with spirit is a helpful mental state of mind for this kind of work.
  • Never dismiss anything as just coincidence.

One day, when I was down and struggling with my mediumship development, I got to a state of mind that was convinced there was no such thing as spirit working with me. I was desperately depressed and about to quit my unfoldment.

I went to my sanctuary and sat in silence. In my mind and aloud, I literally swore at the spirit world. I told them I was disappointed they were not with me. I told them I was tired, fed up, and about to walk away from this life path. I didn’t mince my words and felt better about saying what I’d said to them.

After I’d got that off my chest and felt better about it, I remained in power. Silent in thought, I decided to just enjoy a meditation with no expectations whatsoever. 

Some minutes later, I felt a physical touch on my arm. It was so strong that I believed it must be a fly or a spider in the room. So I quickly opened my eyes and, for the next few minutes, with the lights full on, searched the sealed sanctuary for signs of there being a fly or spider. I could find nothing and was baffled about what had touched my arm with such force.

Eventually, I turned the lights off and settled back down for the meditation. Shortly after, I heard the following words clearly in my mind.

“That was us. We are always with you. Don’t give up. We will always be here to help you.”

I was shocked beyond belief. I left my sanctuary a changed person. I was back on the right path I had originally chosen. The sensation was so real I have never forgotten it, or allowed it to fade from my memory.

The story above illustrates how, although we might believe there are no signs of a spirit team working with us, there is, and we need always to believe that beyond even our strongest doubts.


  • Forget postures, positions, lengths of time and other such rules. Just find a quiet place to sit comfortably.
  • Ideally, the place will be somewhere you can return to each time. Somewhere away from distractions and quiet.
  • Music is not required. If you do choose something, choose something suitable and not distracting.
  • Without self-imposed pressures of time or results, sit in the power of your energy and learn to experience it.
  • The most cliched instruction is to focus on your breathing. This is a good practice and allows your mind to focus inwardly 
  • With time, your mind will settle, and the flow of random thoughts will slow down.
  • Learn to observe and not to react. When there is an itch or sensation, train yourself to observe it without reacting. Don’t do as the brain wants you to do, which is to scratch it or react. Just observe, recognise and stay focused on your breathing or your spirit. You’ll be proud of yourself when that sensation passes, proving you can overpower your brain’s demands.
  • Learn to focus on your spirit as if it exists in your centre of body. 
  • Focus on where that centre feels and if necessary, place a mental candle or flame there to focus on.

With regular practice, the length of the sitting will naturally extend and may even reach an hour each time, though any length is better than none. During such sessions, the spirit team learns about your body and how best to connect. They may try to connect, though this should not be the purpose of the sitting.




  • Occasionally, you might choose to sit to connect and communicate with the spirit team working with you.
  • Make sure you sit in silence long enough first to develop the environment.
  • Talk to your spirit team with your mind, but don’t expect to get a reply always.
  • Ask them to show you subtle signs of their presence, such as tingling, shivers or similar responses.
  • Never demand of them and never expect anything. If it happens, it happens. It won’t always be, but that does not mean they are not there. This is the best way of developing your relationship with them.


So far,  we’ve explored some of the most important keys to becoming a better medium. We’ve learned about how important our relationship is with the spirit world and a few techniques to help us enhance it.

Now, we will explore some of the challenges you might encounter and some ideas to help overcome them. 

  • Mediums’ biggest challenge is not in their relationship with the spirit world working with them. Nor is it in the ability of the medium to connect to the spirit world. The elephant in the room is the medium’s mind.
  • The enemies of a medium are doubt, lack of belief and trust. They destroy a medium’s abilities and cause disappointment and discontent.

You could make one decision at any time in your life to become a better medium. 


Believe beyond all doubt that there is a spirit team that wants to work with you and is making every effort to.


  • Don’t add your own buts. Don’t deny it or dispute it. Accept it as the statement of fact that it is.
  • You have a spirit team that wants to serve you, to help you progress and be with you. They want to communicate with you and through you. Don’t let it be you that puts the blocks in, with disbelief and doubts. Open the door and let them in without then closing it and shutting them out.
  • Imagine, you have a team of wonderful people like friends looking over you throughout your life on earth. They live in a different world, yet can connect with you and share their love throughout your spiritual unfoldment. They will help you grow and improve your understanding of their world. They want to do this and ask for nothing in exchange.
  • Now accept that as fact, even if it was only you imagining it now.


Something wonderful has just happened. You have made the first step in establishing your relationship with them. Believe me, they will be jumping for joy (probably!).

Remember, nothing more is needed. You don’t need validations at this stage. You don’t need them to give evidence of their presence. You don’t need doubts or disbelief in your abilities to enter your mind.

You just need to accept that these people in spirit are yearning to work with you and will be excited that you acknowledge they are there.

You have now done the most important part of your spiritual unfoldment. You’ve accepted beyond doubt that you have a special team of people ready, willing and able to be with you. They’ve always been there. It was you that didn’t accept that. But now you do. Today is the start of a new era for you.

Everything else will come to be, thanks to your reset thinking. Your attitude will change. Your belief will strengthen, and your abilities will unfold faster than you could ever imagine possible.

Don’t allow yourself to doubt the presence of your spirit team, and don’t question your abilities to recognise them.

You have no reason not to trust those statements and no reason to distrust yourself.

Your senses are now ready to accept anything they offer you. It is with you to accept that.


Spend a few minutes in the silence and bring into your mind the memories of someone close to you who now resides in the spirit world.

While doing so, see them clearly with your mind’s eye.

Recall their smile, hair, clothes, height, and shape.

Take time to clarify your thoughts.

Now see them standing before you, smiling and happy.

They want to speak to you.

Listen with your mind and your imagination.

What are they saying to you?

Let it be only a few words; that is all they want to share.

Hear their words in their voice in your mind.

Respond with a thank you and share your love back.

Let them fade from your mind and your imagination.

Bring your awareness back to your reality.

That was easy. Who is to doubt that happened – only you. Who is to disbelieve the connection – only you? Who is to dispute their words – only you? Who will suggest that exercise was just your imagination – only you? Remember, you hold the key to your spiritual journey.


ACCEPT THIS:  If you did that last exercise, that was your imagination at work. Mental mediumship needs your imagination.



  • Keep your ego in check
  • Forget what others might believe of your relationship with the spirit world
  • Not compare yourself with others on a similar path.
  • Appreciate your uniqueness


Establishing any relationship, particularly with the spirit world, takes time and devotion. Unfoldment doesn’t happen overnight, and your cliched journey will last your entire life on earth and will continue when you’re on the other side. You are on a journey without a destination, only a direction of travel. You will be constantly evolving and opening up.

There’s an exciting future ahead for you. Your world will become richer and with purpose. You’re in control every day, all the way. Stay focused, stay humble, trust and enjoy the ride! Remember, your potential for growth and transformation is limitless.

Everything you need to become a new, better medium is contained within the words on this page. The magic is within you, waiting for your attention. 

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