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They’re all around us.” A phrase often used by believers of life after death when asked the simple question of where the spirit world is. But is that just a cop-out answer without foundation?

The afterlife must be filled with millions of souls. Humans that once walked the earth with their physical body. Believers of an afterlife claim that when a person on earth dies, their spirit and soul continues to live on without the need for a biological body. Often, these believers are just that – they believe. 

They are happy to accept a continuing life with little or no evidence to substantiate their claims. Maybe they believe in a kingdom called Heaven and perhaps even of a place called Hell.

The majority of those believers will believe there is a God in some form or other that rules the kingdom of heaven and overlooks all people living on earth. They may talk of their interactions with their God with so much passion, the non-believer is left wondering if that believer is actually sane.

When Jane’s Aunty Kath was alive, she’d spent her life as a church-goer and staunch believer in God. He was an important influence throughout her life. She was what some might consider as a very religious person.

Aunty Kath knew about my beliefs as a spiritualist. She never had a bad word to say about anything I believed. One day, I was sat chatting with her over a cup of tea. I asked her the following question;

“Do you believe God is a man sitting on a throne overlooking his kingdoms?”

Without any hesitation, she replied with an absolute yes. I didn’t need to question her any more. That was her life-long belief and who was I to suggest differently.

Shortly after she passed to spirit, I was informed through my connection to the spirit world that Aunty Kath was enjoying her new life and she had been given a role in helping younger people that crossed to that side. 

Jane and I were moved with this news. When she was alive, she had been a teacher to young children and she adored them, not actually having any herself.

Was she wrong in her earth beliefs? We think not. The kingdom of God promises to be in whatever shape or form we believe it to be.

But what about all those awkward questions that non-believers always ask?  Innocent and curious questions such as:

“Surely the next world must be packed by now, what with all the people that have lived and died.”

“Yes but where is this afterlife and is it dependent on earth?

“How can one person (God) rule all of everything whilst apparently not judging any of us for our actions.”

 These questions and more are logical and acceptable questions to ask. They suggest that these are the sort of holes or gaps in that person’s understanding that stops them wanting to become a believer. The common-sense facts, right?

Truth is, most believers don’t know the answers to the questions, and often, as in Aunty Kath’s case, don’t care to question. They just accept that it is what it is. There is a heaven, an afterlife, and a God, or Divine. They have faith. Unless, of course, you are a spiritualist, a medium, a person that follows the path of spiritualism.

But even some spiritualist and probably mediums, can’t clearly answer those questions. Why? Because in some cases, of their education, or their desires haven’t led them to ask these awkward questions. Like all believers, they don’t need to know how it works, it just does.

Another challenge to consider is that who really and truly knows for absolute certainty. Some mediums might suggest that when we pass to the next world, our life continues as it did this side. We inherit an etheric body that serves to allow our lives to continue.

Some mediums might suggest that it is our personality that survives death, as well-known medium Craig Hamilton Parker suggested in an interview with Richard Dawkins (a must-watch video on YouTube).

There is so much more to life, the universe, and the sciences, that nobody could and ever will entirely comprehend.  Examples such as the possibility of time travel are ruled out, based on our current science and knowledge. But who suggested that we would have to travel with a biological body to weigh us down? Who suggested that linear time rules everything?

Whilst we live our lives within the bounds of our physics and science, anything suggested outside of those limitations is considered nothing more than impossible. Yet every day across the world, thousands, if not millions, of people are communicating with another form of life outside of the accepted shackles of our accepted physics.

As a medium with some acquired knowledge, I could offer answers to those common questions above, as could many more intelligent people. But what you’d read, or hear, would be little more than opinions. Many times each week I encounter intelligent beings not of this planet. But why do I need to convince you or anyone else? What does it matter? Let me share an incident with you.

One morning this week, I left our home to head down the garden to my office. As I stepped out of the kitchen, I observed all the leaves and debris that had blown into piles around the back gate and the main front door.

I put my work bag down and armed myself with our outdoor European style brush and dustpan. I quite like little jobs like this, instant gratification.

All of a sudden, I became aware of someone stood to my right side, slightly behind me. I knew who it was. “Just tidying up Ken”, I said aloud. In that same fleeting moment, I knew there was nobody there. Ken had come and gone in an unmeasurably short space in time. But he’d been, of that I was certain. I don’t doubt myself anymore.

Ken is Jane’s father who passed to spirit several years ago. Since then, he has visited us many times and until I told him to stop it, he’d been responsible for switching our front room television on at random times. 

Of course, I shared Ken’s latest visit with Jane. She didn’t query me, nor did she doubt me. It was what is was, and that is all there is to it.

There are answers to everything. Every question, no matter how strange, has an answer. But some of those answers will never make any sense to anyone on earth ever. Some questions will remain unanswered whilst we reside in the restrictions of our earth realm. One day, some other place perhaps, we’ll get the answers we seek. That surely is all that matters.

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