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I live in the United Kingdom, where the residents of the four nations have been unhappy for several years. Three of the four great nations have been fighting with ‘Westminster’ to get their own funding, control over spending, and power to direct their represented nations forward.

But each of the four nations has been riddled with political issues that have done nothing more than to show the people they represent that their lack of morals and poor judgements are just the way they are.  Individually, the leaders boasted about representing their hard-working, decent, and honest people. Yet their own homes (figuratively speaking) were less than clean. 

As one of those hard-working residents of England, I’ve heard nothing worthy from any of them. For years, like everyone else, I’ve listened to the news and pretty much daily, soaked up the sleaze, the deceits, the dishonesty, and the utter nonsense that freely spouts from their individual mouths.

Over the past few years, I’ve come to be ashamed of being English, British, or a citizen of the UK. I don’t want to have that outlook. But the people given the task of looking after us have been abusing their positions, concerned with representing their own agendas, first and foremost. The fabric of my society where I live has been deflated, negative and depressed. I am, we are those quoted hard-working people that make up the citizenship of the nations.

The collective energy has been progressively getting more negative, as day after day, our news has been filled with stories of affairs, distrust and lies. The moral compass has pointed in the wrong direction. The very fabric, the collective forces that bond us together have become frayed.

I’m aware that some people who read my words will suggest I have it all wrong. They’ll say that we should not be allowing the news to affect us. The state of affairs is something we should show no concern over. Being spiritual is a personal choice perhaps. Well, that last statement is indeed true. 

My partner reads ‘The Daily Mail’. Every day without fail, she must buy the paper. I don’t, nor haven’t read a newspaper for many years. When I question her about why she buys a newspaper filled with untruths, bias opinions and sleaze, she replies with, “I’m an intelligent adult and can make my mind up what is true and what isn’t.”

I have a general interest in observing the community I live in. If I let it be the case, I could be far more depressed than I have been about the state of this nation. It’s my opinion we should take an interest in the news. It’s to our benefit to be informed. I don’t yet live on an isolated island, so I believe maintaining an awareness of my community is an integral part of living.

I’ve recently finished an ‘epic’ read, a 500+ page book written by David Icke. In it, David discusses his notion of something he terms, ‘a reset’. He suggests that the global community is needing this reset to act like a proverbial tilt of the axis of this planet. Let me state, I don’t agree with many of his beliefs. But on the principle of a reset, I do.

I wonder, if after the results of our election poll in the past few days, we’re about to experience a reset? And it’s not just happening in the UK. Northern Ireland have voted Sein Fein as the most popular governing party in their country. Who would have thought that would have ever happened? Particularly as a child of an Irish mother growing up in the troubled sixties and seventies. Recently, the leader of the previous governing party, the DUP, has been arrested by the police and faces charges of alleged rape and sexual assault that happened over years of him being in power.

Wales governing parties have been beaten from power, due to their lack of results, corruption and misuse of their authority. Scotland’s once almighty SDP has fallen too. Allegations of misuse of funds, greed, and mismanagement has led to them being humiliated by the election results. But this reset is happening further afield. France are in the midst of a re-election that’s on course to shock the world. As is the USA, currently run by a man that is far too old to be in such a powerful seat, being challenged only by a man that many would consider a buffoon. 

The collective energy is shifting as the nation’s people seek alternative leaders to bring their countries back to moral alignment. What, you might correctly ask, is this all got to do with being a spiritual person, working with the Divine forces? 

I suggest it has everything to do with it. The Divine forces we work with are those that want us to love each other, to express love, and to live with love. Our purpose should always be for the greater good, the love of our God and the people around us. That is the energy we should work with, aspire to and be an integral part of. Our two realms are united by that cause. We become greater in spirit and soul as a consequence of living a loving and fulfilled life.

That collective energy has been damaged over many years by greed, anger, and deceit. The misuse of power by the few has damaged the moral judgements of the many. Those that should lead by example have done so, wrongly. Leaders that haven’t done what they’ve wanted us to do and have led by doing the complete opposite. 

I don’t want this to be a political article, even though that is a difficult thing to avoid. How each of us votes is personal. Likewise, how each of us lives is also up to each of us. We make our own choices. It’s one of the principles of Spiritualism, ‘Personal Responsibility’. The point is, if you have one rotten apple in a basket of good apples, the rot will spread very fast.

In the UK, we’ve just experienced a shift, all be it a small one to start. But it is a shift in the correct direction I believe. Collectively, the energy already feels different. Suddenly there is renewed hope on the horizon. The people have used their voices (through their votes) to let the leaders know, enough is enough.

I have great hope and belief that the collective energy will now change. People’s morals may become more aligned. Solutions may be sought to many of the problems that effect us individually.  We need to live with hope and belief that things can and will get better.  The collective energy, or the collective consciousness is crying out for this ‘reset’.  Individually, many of us need it. I know I do.

I’ll finish this article with an example of how things appear to be changing. This is only a loosely related example, but it serves to show what I mean.

This morning, I had the duty of going down our driveway and opening the metal gates in readiness for a food delivery. This is a task I’ve done many times before. The road is a busy one, and people pass as they walked their dogs or just enjoy a walk. I’m an introvert in character and rarely speak to strangers. I keep myself to myself and protect my privacy.

As I opened the gates, a man in his thirties walked by.  Our eyes met and immediately he smiled and said in a jovial voice, “Typical Wigan weather again“. Of course, I smiled at his comment and declared back, “Yes, I yearn for the Lanzarote weather!”

We smiled, and he continued on his way. In those split seconds, as a psychic medium, I knew his mood was upbeat. I knew he was a happy chappie! Perhaps it was because England won their football match the previous night. Perhaps it was because we have a new governing political party to look forward to. Perhaps it was just me reflecting my changed attitude. Perhaps it was none, or all of those! 

Whatever the reason, in those few seconds, I experienced what it can be like living where the collective consciousness is in harmony. It matters more than we can imagine. Mediums cannot work in a room filled with negativity. The collective consciousness may be larger than a room filled with people, but the room is still part of it. One bottle of water won’t fill a swimming pool, but a thousand might. One torch won’t light the world, but a million might. One person’s attitude might not change the outlook of the world, but a million might.

Let us all work for the greater consciousness by living a life that expresses love, hope, and a great future together.



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