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My mum and dad came to let me know they were with us on holiday. Of that, I am certain. Apart from the usual shiver I get when I know people in spirit are with me, I felt happiness and a little tearful at the same time.

Both my parents have been on the other side for several years. They’ve communicated with me several times in my meditative state and revealed incredible evidence to support the connection, too. That is quite natural for all mediums to expect, particularly when least expected. As mediums, we are attuned, ready and susceptible whilst sitting in our power.

But what about during our day-to-day state of being? How can we expect to receive communication during periods of ordinary activities? Can and do the people of the spirit world try to connect during such times? The answer is a resounding yes. But it might not be as a voice in the mind as in ordinary mediumship.

There are two points to consider when such events occur.

  • Accept the sign without doubt or hesitation, no matter how subtle the communication was. 
  • The communication was for you. Sharing it with others might just lead them to believe you’ve flipped your lid!


Generally, when a person in spirit communicates outside of the boundaries of mediumship, we have a tendency to seek evidence or some form of proof. Instead, we should learn to accept the communication, acknowledge it with the person in spirit, and carry on with normal life.

If I were to contact my family or friends when my mum or dad has communicated with me in some form or other, my family would think I’m loopy. You don’t need to be dealing with that kind of feedback from others who don’t understand the processes of this work with the spirit world. It’s personal and best treated so.

So, you may ask, why am I about to share this latest communication with you? Because my work online is about sharing with other like-minded people in a learning environment. I haven’t shared the story with any of the other family, nor do I intend to.

These occurrences aren’t rare. Most mediums and believers can share stories of when they believe they received personal communication from a loved one while going about their daily chores. There’s nothing new in my claims. It happens all too often. But there is a reluctance amongst people to accept without doubt the communication was from whom they think it was.

Over the years, I’ve had many students and ordinary folks ask me how they can get a message from their loved ones in spirit to reassure them they are still alive somewhere. The answer is annoyingly obvious. Accept every possible message without hesitation or denial.

Your mum or your dad are probably pulling their spirit hair out trying to get you to acknowledge their signs. But time after time, you deny the message was from them. You doubt yourself. You might be then asking for more stronger and clearer communications. Well, you’ll be waiting a while for that to happen, let me tell you.

When you think that a sign or a message, a word, a number, a registration plate, a flower or a colour and your loved one’s association with it pops into your mind – accept it, say thank you and be grateful.

Of course, a degree of reality-checking is needed, too. If you’re sitting in a park next to a bird aviary, and a white feather lands on your lap, the chances are that it came from a bird in the aviary and not from some Divine source!

Realise that your loved ones live quite normally in their world. They’re not watching over you night and day, ready to talk at the drop of a pin. But occasionally, they’ll pop by and send you a sign of their presence to say hello.

So, here is the latest story I want to share with you about how my dad and my mum popped in to let me know they were there. 

Let me set the scene. Jane and I were enjoying another of our frequent visits to Lanzarote. It has been customary for me to ask my parents in spirit if they are with us enjoying the vista. I started doing this many years ago when we were visiting Tenerife. One night, we were sat outside a local cafe bar, enjoying a drink whilst people-watching.

The entertainment in the bar was a couple of male Spanish singers, one playing an accordion. Their songs were all Spanish-style ballads. As a passing comment to Jane, I suggested that my Mum would have loved it here. I then asked Mum aloud to give me a sign if she was with us.

Her favourite song, being Irish, was Londonderry Air. Moments after I made the request, the duo in the bar, some distance away from us outside, started their next song. It was Londonderry Air. They could not have heard me. More importantly, this was not a song in the theme of their music.

So I suggested that Mum must have made them play it, and I acknowledged with gratitude that Mum had made her presence known. This is a ritual we have done on all holidays since, and on most occasions, we get a response through various means.

Once my mum knew we acknowledged her signs, they flowed more often and occasionally on demand. My dad has too, though as he did in life on earth, he lets Mum do all the work! I could share countless stories, but the latest was really wonderful. 

The owner had left an Amazon Echo device in our rented villa for us to use. It’s a straightforward process of linking it to your Amazon account. One late afternoon, we were outside, and Alexa was playing my requested ‘Easy Listening‘ playlist, a random selection of songs Amazon chose that fit the genre.

It was a Dean Martin old crooner song that got my attention. I told Jane how my Mum loved the rat-pack, and I grew up listening to their music. I asked aloud, “Mum? Did you send this to us? Are you with us?”

It was confirmed when the next song was Perry Como singing his hit song, “And I Love You So.”, a favourite of Mum’s. I was now becoming aware of her presence, and I tingled as it became obvious. In a spoken voice, I asked if Dad was there too. The response was with the next song. Jim Reeves, “Distant Drums“. That was Dad’s all-time favourite song.

For the next twenty minutes or so, I shared stories of the music and how it was important to my mum and dad. The songs kept coming. Val Doonigan for Mum, Frank Sinatra for Dad, Daniel O’Donnell for Mum, another Jim Reeves for Dad, and so the pattern continued. One of the last tracks during this connection was another Daniel O’Donnell one with the lyrics, “I am with you always, in the wind and around you.

Jane and I had no doubts that my Mum and Dad were with us again, enjoying the island they would have loved in life, but never visited.

It doesn’t matter to me whether you believe this was evidence or not. It only matters to me. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this is evidence of a continuing life, or is the essence of a spirit connection. It only matter to me. It was for me and I accept it in that light.

Your loved ones will communicate with you more often if you let them. You need to be prepared to accept the signs, whether it really is them every time. Accept them and acknowledge them. When they know that they can use alternative methods to communicate with you, they will, and more often once established. 

If you enjoy these stories and would like me to share more, or you want to share your own, let me know. You can contact me on Facebook, or via email :


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  1. Talking about feathers. I used to get a lot of tips on where to find feathers. Go this way, follow the dog, look down. One day, upon hearing that my uncle had passed on, I was frustrated and yelled at Spirit. You and your feathers, I don’t even know if it is real. Give me real proof. A huge feather, now.

    I turned the corner in the woods and came upon a field. On the wet field, thousands of feathers were lying on the dew. All the feather were dry. The carcass was not around, but a bird had been plucked clean. I had to laugh at my self for my outburst.

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