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|| This summary written on Monday 17th June 2024

Synchronicity at work again for me! I launched a new series called “WHY” last week, where I hope to debunk some of the nonsense around mediumship and this work. As if planned, today’s session is themed around that very topic by today’s speaker.

I recall many years ago, a tarot expert telling me that I should be careful what my mood is when I choose to read the tarot for someone. It is all too easy to tint a reading with the emotions you are feeling at that time.

If I’d transcribed today’s session after launching the WHY series, I would have suspected that my feelings had been reflected in the words of today’s speaker. But this session was transcribed several months ago, and at that time, I had no notion of creating a new series called WHY.

It would appear from the tone of the speaker’s words today that he or she didn’t take to fools gladly. The message is somewhat short, yet straight to the point. But actually, there are several messages hidden within their words. You might need to be wearing the right ears to hear them though.

  • This is another message where the speaker spends no time talking about who they are, and only interested in making a strong and concise point.


Session transcribed on Sunday 25th February 2024 at 3:15 pm

"Waken your spirit for a new horizon." When we hear those words, new horizon, it is all too common that people think of it as something immediate. Think of the meaning of the word, horizon. It refers to the most distant vista we can see.

Even in the spiritual context, it still refers to the distant vision. As does the phrase, "the dawning of a new day is coming." When we refer to a new horizon, as I did at the opening of my speech, I refer to where it is you are visualising for your life path. The new horizon, metaphorical as it is, is referring to you making changes now in your direction forward, which will bring with it a new horizon.

Some people on earth are still of the belief that their horizon is the best for them. But they want to get there without the effort. You can sit in the front seats of a bus, and stare out of the front window at the distant places for as long as you choose. But until the bus moves forward, nothing will be achieved.

So what I'm saying to you is that if someone ever says to you, such and such is on your horizon, consider this; if you can't see it now, you're going to have to change direction. The new horizon is yours.

I share this with you because I'm aware that some misinformed people often talk about the great changes that are coming, or energy changes that will advance the few. I'm sorry to disappoint you, this is mainly poppy-cock. The only changes you each can expect are those you impose on yourself.

Maybe there is some big Divine intervention about to happen! I've never heard about it, ever, and I've been here for a fair while.


Always remember that the link between our two worlds is fragile and destroyed in a thought.

I was talking about horizons, and in particular, new horizons. Those who seek such new horizons must be prepared to make the changes themselves to whatever needs to be done to make it happen.

Do you still have the phrase, "Don't buy the miracle snake oil."? Well, that's what I'm saying about these fake seers and mystics claiming new horizons, new energies, and the like, are coming for the few. Sorry - utter nonsense.

My friend, you had a distraction today. I think we worked through it though. Perhaps I'll get another chance to speak again soon.

Have a nice day.


written on Monday 17th June 2024
112 days after the session was transcribed

There’s evidence in this message that my sitting wasn’t as easy as normal, due to surrounding circumstances. There is signs in the words that my transcribing wasn’t as clear as I would normally expect. However, the point of the message is clear enough.

🔷  The main message appears to be a warning that we should be aware of our future horizons being realistic and where we are heading. If we want to change the horizon, we must first change direction.

🔷 I loved the speaker’s reference to snake oil, or snakeskin oil. A strong way of depicting false or fake promises from others. 

🔷  During this session, a vehicle passed by our villa on the promenade in front of us. It was unexpected and completely distracted me. Rather than abandon the session, I regained my composure and sat in the power awaiting the speaker to reconnect.

"You can sit in the front seats of a bus, and stare out of the front window at the distant places for as long as you choose. But until the bus moves forward, nothing will be achieved"

One Response

  1. Same as you Trevor I liked the reference to sitting in the front seats of a Bus and looking but going nowhere until the Bus moves forward. This person is very blunt with what they want to get across, but mainly I pick up that we should not be gullible and obviously if we want to achieve something and move forward we are the ones that need to put in the work, it won’t just happen. A very old fashioned way of speaking too, and I quite like the term poppy cock, which means exactly what the person wants to say. Thank you Trevor and your Spirit Friend.


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