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Lanzarote Bougainvillea

The photo above shows a bougainvillaea blossom sharing space on a wall made from lava. Both are familiar sights in the Canaries, particularly Lanzarote

Here’s the thing – the planned TIS edition is still not ready! The article I’d planned for today requires some research and checking for accuracy, and I’ve not had time to do that. We returned home from Lanzarote a couple of days ago after 27 days away from home. My precious lawn had grass turned to seed when I returned. Every weed seed in Greater Manchester has decided to set up a home in our flower beds. The two patio areas have weeds growing all over. The front driveway was filthy, and all the bushes and shrubs needed a severe prune.

This is the first time we’ve left our home in the safe hands of neighbours, security cameras and alarms for such a long time. Was it worth it? Of course, it was! Nearly a month in Lanzarote? No question! The only thing we both underestimated was the growth in the garden that occurred in May.

The point is, when we returned home and shifted the empty suitcases to the spare room, I knew I had to devote some time to the outdoors as a matter of priority. My work in the office had to go on hold for a few days. Even though I’m writing this at my desk, I can see a green wheelie-bin just outside of this sanctuary, where I’ve left it to get this edition written. 

While I was away, I noted a few things I wanted to write about for TIS, but circumstances stopped me. One of those subjects was regarding the state of modern mediumship. Since returning home, I’ve been given reasons why this particular topic needs a full article, so I’ve drafted that one into the schedule as a matter of priority. Perhaps next week!

Apart from sitting in the power for WFSIW every day of the break, I also started reading one far too complex book. After about fifty pages, I realised life was too short to spend reading about a professor’s understanding of the conscious mind, written in a dull and overly detailed way. I gave up on it and moved to my next book, waiting on my Kindle Scribe.

I won’t be telling you who the author was, nor the title. I can tell you that this 500-page book, one of many from the author, is revealing, mind-challenging, and carries some interesting notions about the afterlife and this dimension we live in. I’ve some interesting notes and quotes from the book that I’ll discuss in another episode.

A night or so ago, we watched an episode of ‘Gogglebox‘  in which a clip was taken from a program where a man and a woman were to marry each other blind. In other words, they’d never met before. They were brought together to marry without knowing anything about each other. I should say I’d not heard of this show before. I became aware of it only because it was featured in Gogglebox. The man and woman were interviewed separately before the marriage ceremony and before meeting who they would marry for the first time in the church aisle.

The lady, probably in her 20s, with her duck lips, dyed blonde hair, and tattoos, declared she was a psychic medium. My reaction? “*&ck, here we go!” Live on the program, she confessed she was having a “download” (wtf is one of those?) from the spirit and then revealed lots of information about her prospective groom, none of which was remotely accurate. Of course, the Goggleboxers immediately started to take the *iss out of her, and rightly deserved. It annoys me, no angers me, that people like her can claim such nonsense whilst living in their delusional world. Yet again, an audience of millions dragged the word of mediumship and psychic work through the mud. Give me strength!

Anyway, it’s Sunday afternoon, and I have to prepare tomorrow’s TIS from these brief notes, all be it lacking content for this week. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. Some serious subjects coming very soon and lots of content still to be added to the website. 



Some Random Stuff


    • This website has received fewer than 50 visitors since its creation. Only 14 of those were from the UK. It’s hardly an inspiring reflection of all the work so far!
    • 9 of the 47 visitors were based in the USA, while 10 were across Europe. 
    • 7 visitors were based in China – (suspicious perhaps?)
    • The most popular page/section on this website has been the ‘Just Chat‘ area. (not even spiritual content!)
    • We are returning again soon to Lanzarote for 20 more days in a couple of months. I’ll be taking a new (second-hand) Chromebook and returning home with the laptop I’ve left there. 
    • How much weight would you say I put on during the month away where we ate in restaurants every night of the stay? Answer below!
    • How tall do you think a new thistle grew in the month away? Bear in mind the flower bed was weed-free when we left home? Answer below!
    • How many times did I sit ‘in-the-power’ during my month away? There’s a clue in this article. Answer below!
    • On the third day of the break, we sent a postcard back to our home, something we always do when we’re away. How long do you think it took to arrive back home? Answer below!
    • If you were a flower, what would you be?

Like I said above, I apologise for the lack of content in this week’s edition. I should get back to normality for next week. 

I have one final favour to ask of you. Would you be so kind as to either DM me, or drop me an email when you’ve read this article. Thank you so much.

Email :


  • Before I left for Lanzarote, I weighed 15st 13.8lb. On the night we returned back, my weight had not changed!
  • The random thistle that appeared whilst we were away had reached a height of 4ft 6in. I had thought it deserved to stay in the flower bed, until it pricked me during weeding. I took it out moments later!
  • I sat for WFSIW 25 times during the break. Enough sessions to cover the remainder of this year (with those few remaining from the February visit still to be published).
  • The postcard (above) arrived the following day after we returned home. A total delivery time of 25 days!
  • What flower would I be? I think I’d be a primula. Hardy, discrete, surprising when in bloom, and ignored by the slugs!!! What about you?

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