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Love Yourself


|| This summary written on Monday 10th June 2024

I get really annoyed and frustrated with Spiritualist church mediums that openly, and almost proudly, claim they don’t or can’t speak philosophically. That’s like the car owner suggesting that they drive their car, but they don’t steer it!

From the first time I walked into a Spiritualist church, I loved the mediums that spoke philosophy from their heart and not from a reference book. One of my early mentors, the late Joan Dunbar, always insisted that us students must learn to speak from our hearts and without notes.

Philosophical words contain so much more depth and meaning than vague messages. I’ve known many mediums that were average with their messages, but their philosophy was meaningful. I loved them.

The session you’re about to read proves the power of philosophical words. I almost feel like I’d like to claim them as my own, for ego purposes! But of course they’re not directly my words. Instead, they came from a person in the other world that spoke them through me. Isn’t that what all mediums should be doing in our churches?

Let me step aside and allow you to read the powerful message shared by today’s speaker.

  • Because of the process and routine of transcribing these WFSIW sessions, I can’t recall actually writing this message. But now, some months later, the power within means much more to me. 


Session transcribed on Sunday 25th February 2024 at 00:30 am

Open the doors to the kingdom of God. Open your heart and let him in. For the power of infinity is beheld the one that welcomes the Divine within them.

My friend, I share these words with you as a gift that you may use in your way forward. The soul is not an empty container, but filled with love and wisdom of the order of life.

The great light's source is within each and every soul. Some see it as bright as the brightest stars. Others see nothing, even though the light is shining deep inside them. Help the blind to see that light. Guide them through their darkness, forward until they light their own paths.

Life is more than just a miracle created by God. Life is everything you've ever experienced, and everything you're yet to. Your soul needs only to learn, support and guide your life to its chosen path.

To love God is to love yourself. To love God is to understand everything. To know God is the ultimate achievement because knowing God is being God. To be God is to serve with all that God stands for. God wants no sacrifice, only for you to choose what is right for your soul and its purpose.

My words are from my very essence for you, to you and with you. My only message to you is to stand with understanding of how great you are and how powerful your role in this life is.

Perhaps, as I leave you these words, you query your understanding of them. Feat not, for all that you will become is already planted within you. If you are walking in darkness, as a blindman without a stick, trust in knowing God is there to offer support. A force to lean on, and help you take every step forward.

I leave you with a renewed energy that you may [amended from original notes] need moving forward, every day becoming stronger.

I have nothing more to share with you.



written on Monday 10th June 2024
105 days after the session was transcribed

This session confirms, for me, why I prefer transcribing these sessions when I’m in Lanzarote. Without the hassles, the schedules, and the interruptions of day-to-day life, the connection I make is so much clearer. Perhaps that’s just a mental block I’ve placed on myself, but either way, the depth of the messages is clearly visible. Yet again, this message deserves a high spirit inspiration graphic.

🔷  I ran a check on some of the phrases spoken by the speaker and although I couldn’t find any word-for-word links, I did find many links to Bible passages with very similar phrasing. It leads me to suspect that the speaker of these words today, was (and no doubt still is) a religious person.

🔷 Most sessions I transcribe have some degree of my mind’s interpretation of the message, especially where the speaker doesn’t wait for me to write word-for-word. There are only one or two parts of this message where I detect I might have used my own vocabulary, particularly visible towards the end, where the energy must have been weakening.

🔷  A noticeable observation is in how this speaker didn’t waste time, or chose not to, talking about himself or herself. The emphasis was clearly on the words of the message.

"God is the ultimate achievement because knowing God is being God"

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  1. Wow Trevor, this is wonderful and it is on the same theme as Book I am reading at the moment, Synchronicity AGAIN! I love it and when I AM (a clue) finished with it I will send it to you. Thanks to to your Spirit Contact GOD. Very Clear Message Indeed. x


about the writing


The words are heard as a voice in my mind and written exactly as heard. However, occasionally the translation from voice to words contains grammatical faults. Where these effect the structure and meaning, during the process of converting the notes to this digital form, minor adjustments may be made.

How Writing Is Achieved

During a session of sitting in the power, Trevor opens his notebook and transcribes the words he hears in his mind as a speaking voice. The transcription is exactly as it is heard.

Only a few words are heard at a time, giving Trevor time to transcribe them. Trevor never knows ahead what the topic of the communication will be.

The process is known as automatic or inspired writing, determined by the depth of the connection.


The WFSIW sessions are usually published sometime after being transcribed. This allows Trevor to read the transcription from a fresh perspective and ability to critique better.