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|| This summary written on Tuesday 14th May 2024

I did everything as I always do. I sat down and put my headphones on, chose my normal background track, set up a notebook and sat in the power for a few minutes, listening to my mind. There was an unusually long silence.

I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to draw with the stylus pen. Normally I doodle on plain paper, not lined, but I just doodled anyway. I’m no good at drawing, so don’t refer me to Lynn Cottrell for lessons! This was one of those rare occasions when I thought it best to doodle until I heard the speaker talking to me.

In the past when I’ve doodled on a ‘live’ notebook, I tend to either remove the doodle or leave it in and not draw attention to it. So I was too concerned with ruining a new digital notebook with one of my masterpieces!

The image above is the result of those first few moments of doodling before I heard the voice of the speaker loud and clear. At that point, everything became clear. 

In mediumship, sometimes we’ve just got to go with what feels right at a given moment. We should make a habit of always sharing our thoughts with the listener. “Why am I seeing a crocodile?” That could be significant to the person who’s just returned from a Florida holiday.

In my instance here, I felt a reason to draw an image of a person. I had no idea whether it was to be a boy or girl, man or lady; I just drew with a free pen. It turned out to be quite significant, as you’ll now read.

  • Although I no longer create the AI podcast versions of these WFSIW sessions, I did feel compelled to do so on this occasion. So you might enjoy hearing this one after you’ve read it first.


Session transcribed on Tuesday 20th February 2024 at 1:45 am

Hello, thank you for drawing me first. Not bad likeness, if I say so myself. Of course, I did influence you a bit.

I've been told that I'm the youngest person you've had speak to you this way. They didn't think I'd be able to maintain the concentration long enough to be able to do this, but we had a practice run earlier.

I'm not sure what you'd like to hear from me, so is it all right if I tell you a bit about me please?

I've been in this world longer than I can remember. I'm apparently only about the equivalent of 11 earth years old, but I must admit I feel a lot older.

I'm here because my earth parents were not good to me. They have some problems they've got to sort out. I can hear you asking if they killed me. Well, we don't use those words here. We are taught that killing doesn't really exist. It's a sort of transition that they put me through.

I don't know what their problems were I'm afraid. I just was born into it and didn't live on earth long enough to understand it.

Do I love them still? Well, yes of course I do. They were my parents and I am so grateful for the life they gave me, even if I was short.

Thank you for being patient with me, I'm doing my best you know.

They look after me here. I get treated very specially. I get to do stuff that others don't, because of what happened. Yes, it was on your telly. Sorry, but I hear the questions your mind is thinking and I like answering them. I've been told that I shouldn't tell you my name. Apparently they don't want you to know it. But the pictures in your mind, I think, are the correct ones. I'm being told to ask you not to second-guess me when you do your writing thing later.

What a silly question you just thought. Yes, my hair does grow. Why wouldn't it? Everything is the same here, as it is on earth. It's just different as a place.

I'll be honest with you, I didn't really understand the concept what you know as death. I was too young to understand it. So I suppose my education here has benefitted from being able to learn about it from our point of view. It's weird when I think about how you all think about death. You are so wrong.

I'm being told that some of you do understand the death thing better than others. Sorry about that.

I've got some lovely people looking after me here. They look after us younger ones so differently. What things we apparently missed out on from having in our earth life are made up for here.

I have a lovely home and loads of friends too. Some of my best friends are what you call animals. I have a big dog friend, a rat friend, and a cat friend that's always with me. He's called Tigger. He's messy sometimes. George the dog has to keep him in tow for me.

Oh dear. I've been told that I must leave you now before your mind tires too quickly. I've loved you allowing me to talk to you this way. This has been brilliant for me. I can't wait to hear that thing you call a podcast of my words. Will you choose a young voice for me please? Thank you. I'll listen to it, I promise.

I do hope you've enjoyed listening to me talk and everyone that hears and reads this. You do a great job, don't you? I've really got to go now. Thank you so very much. Can I call you my friend too?



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The Young Speaker


written on Tuesday 14th May 2024
83 days after the session was transcribed

I’m not often emotionally moved by these sessions with the pen, but this one was different. This young child was as clear in my mind as any other speaker. He was well-spoken and obviously being brought up by caring people nowadays.  This entire session touched me deeply.

🔷 Critics might suggest that the image I drew influenced my perception of the speaker. But that’s not the truth. I drew the image, fully intending to disregard it, when I heard the voice. Yet, when the boy spoke, there was a startling immediacy, with hardly a moment passing between my pencil leaving the paper and his voice filling the air.

🔷 It’s interesting that the verb ‘Kill’ is not used in the spirit world. That makes complete sense, considering life is eternal.

🔷 I love the naivety that can be detected in the boy’s voice when he queries human perception of death. So naturally spoken.

"It's weird when I think about how you all think about death. You are so wrong."

2 Responses

  1. This session was an amazing one Trevor! I want to thank you and your “New Friend” so very much for him being so fresh and Frank in his explanation of his life both here and now in Spirit, plus your dedication to detail everything you are receiving (including his portrait of his face) with such accuracy! I am in awe of the Words spoken and also that this young boy speaks with such fluency, yet still in a child like manner. I felt touched by all of it. There are many things to try to decipher and take onboard! Thank you both very much, plus your Spirit Team/Friends too for allowing it to happen. We are blessed!


about the writing


The words are heard as a voice in my mind and written exactly as heard. However, occasionally the translation from voice to words contains grammatical faults. Where these effect the structure and meaning, during the process of converting the notes to this digital form, minor adjustments may be made.

How Writing Is Achieved

During a session of sitting in the power, Trevor opens his notebook and transcribes the words he hears in his mind as a speaking voice. The transcription is exactly as it is heard.

Only a few words are heard at a time, giving Trevor time to transcribe them. Trevor never knows ahead what the topic of the communication will be.

The process is known as automatic or inspired writing, determined by the depth of the connection.


The WFSIW sessions are usually published sometime after being transcribed. This allows Trevor to read the transcription from a fresh perspective and ability to critique better.