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|| This summary written on Sunday 19th May 2024

There doesn’t appear to be a clear message from the speaker in this session today. The words all appear a bit jumbled as well. Perhaps I was not listening clearly enough, or perhaps the person speaking is not a natural English speaker. However, I believe I understand the gist of the message.

Perhaps it’s also possible that the chest infection and head full of horrid fluid weren’t helping. To quote this speaker’s words, there are often so many variables that alter the way we think and how we learn. We must stay fluid in our education and not get too fixed on what, how, or where we acquire knowledge. 

By nature, I’m the type of person who files things properly. But I’m also messy with it. On the one hand, I like pigeon-holing things, but I’ve found that this way of thinking works less often than I might like.

I found the same with my early education in this work with spirit. One weekend, I will do a workshop on tarot. Next weekend, I will do a workshop on crystals. That was the pick-and-mix method I appeared to use.

I did use restrictive limits a lot, though. I would learn a technique to improve my connecting abilities and would want to stick with that for a long time. I wasn’t open to new ideas. That is until I learnt to be more flexible and experimental.

Perhaps that is what this speaker is referring to today. What do you understand from their words?

  • The phrase that comes to mind for this session is, “variety is the spice of life.”


Session transcribed on Wednesday 21st February 2024 at 3 pm

Your body is hot. I'm assuming that is because of where you are situated at this time. I'm also aware that you have a bit of a cold at the same time. Irony isn't it?

This is the thing with life in general though, especially those still on the earth planet. Not everything ever always fits in a pigeon hole. As you've found, you can be suffering from a cold, whilst in a hot climate.

So many aspects of life follow these unreliable rules, and no more poignantly than the case with connecting to this side. There are no rules that cater for everything and everyone. People have this belief that they can learn the abilities from others. That is only loosely so. The relationship each and every person develops with us is unique to them. No two people work the same way. That is part of being a unique individual. Both words count. Unique and individual. Yet so many people want to learn this and that from others, that really they don't need to digest.

All they need to know is how best they can create a regular method to connect with us. Of course, the same counts for us here too. Sometimes people here decide to try something new with their earth connect, only to discover that when it doesn't work, the earth person believes they are the failures.

Avoid trying to group too many things together that have what you might term, variables. I'm connecting with you today this way because your specific discipline of writing my words needs it. But I could have tried and been successful with many other ways that I often use.

I think my message to you and your readers is simple - but an important one. When you start putting your learning into different categories, different techniques and different ways in doing so, you are limiting yourself without even being aware of it.

We encourage, as do a few of your finer teachers, to sit for a connection with us, without preconceived ideas, beliefs or rules. Just sit in your silence and experience everything as and when it happens. Being aware whilst being alert.

I do hope you see the back of that cold quickly. I'm sure you will combat it all too quickly. We'll send healing your way to help, though the root of the issue is a biological reaction of your physical body.

Your mental state is strong, as I have witnessed for myself. Go do your thing and when you next connect for words from us, we'll bring a little treat you might enjoy.

Peace and love dear friend. Goodbye.


written on Sunday 19th May 2024
88 days after the session was transcribed

Today, the speaker gave a fair message regarding keeping a flexible learning choice. However, perhaps I’m expecting too much from the speakers and my view of this session was that it was rather weak.


🔷 It’s a good reminder from the speaker that we should keep an open mind about connecting and receiving messages from the other side. Too narrow a choice and the communications are going to be limited.

🔷  The speaker is reminding us that the connection between us is two-way and that sometimes the lack of clarity of message may not always be our fault.

🔷 Pigeon-holing our learning is something we should avoid. I’ve found this to be a challenge when it comes to storing all of my personal notes!

"The relationship each and every person develops with us is unique to them."

One Response

  1. Hi Trevor
    I think you are too harsh with your scoring of this conversation. There was a very powerful message relevant to every aspiring medium. As your spirit contact says we are unique individuals and must develop our skills with this in mind. A teacher can only guide. If a teacher wants to force an aspiring to do things their way that approach will not achieve a successful outcome. If the teacher’s approach brings only limited progress then it’s time to move on or putting more effort into developing yourself by developing your contacting skills, sitting in the power and “being aware whilst being alert”, as your correspondent so succinctly put it. Learning from others is no bad thing but you must take responsibility for your own development. And when I read the results of your sitting that’s the message that shone through like a golden thread.
    Regards Bill
    PS Hope the cold has gone


about the writing


The words are heard as a voice in my mind and written exactly as heard. However, occasionally the translation from voice to words contains grammatical faults. Where these effect the structure and meaning, during the process of converting the notes to this digital form, minor adjustments may be made.

How Writing Is Achieved

During a session of sitting in the power, Trevor opens his notebook and transcribes the words he hears in his mind as a speaking voice. The transcription is exactly as it is heard.

Only a few words are heard at a time, giving Trevor time to transcribe them. Trevor never knows ahead what the topic of the communication will be.

The process is known as automatic or inspired writing, determined by the depth of the connection.


The WFSIW sessions are usually published sometime after being transcribed. This allows Trevor to read the transcription from a fresh perspective and ability to critique better.