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|| This summary written on Wednesday 29th May 2024

I’ve said it many times before, I’m critical of my work with the spirit world. I get frustrated when some part of it is not to a high enough standard to satisfy me.  I believe that to be a healthy stance to take.

So, I often get frustrated during the process of digitising the original notes in this format. It’s usually because of the state of the grammar. But there are a few factors occurring and a few worth mentioning again.

I am writing word-for-word what I’m hearing in my mind, often only three or four words at a time. I don’t always know what is going to be said by the speaker. There are occasions where I sense the context of what the speaker wants to say and use my imagination to compile the sentence. If it’s wrong, the speaker usually tells me so.

The clarity of that message is on par with the depth of the connection. If, for whatever reason, I’m not connected deep enough, it effectively ‘fogs’ the voice.

The most important factor worth remembering is that I am transcribing a speaking voice, and as we all know, we speak differently than we write. Speech is often broken and not grammatically formed correctly. Of course, that improves with the experience of the speaker, who may have spoken publicly many times and, therefore, may be more articulate, expressive and fluent.

It’s also possible that the native tongue of a speaker is not always English, though I tend to not consider that as being an issue that might affect them.

In today’s session, the speaker’s grammar is far from fluent. But the message they share is an important one. I have visited churches where the atmosphere within could be cut with a knife. As this speaker mentions – this dramatically affects the communication process.

  • A comforting aspect of today’s session is how we learn that life on the other side is often revealed as very much as it is on earth. 


Session transcribed on Thursday 22nd February 2024 at 4:15 pm

Hello. I notice you asked for healing energy to be sent to Jane when you were addressing the Divine, a few moments ago. But you have a cough and a cold at the moment too. So we shall project some healing towards you too.

You were hearing us signing hymns as you connected to us. We also sing joyful songs and favourite hymns when we are seeking to connect with earth. The energy of singing in a joyful manner produces a wonderful energy. A vibe that we know is necessary and most enjoyable.

You often hear about how damaging a negative energy can be in this work of connecting the two worlds. That is so, for both sides. Negative energy soaks up the positive energy at twice the rate of if it were the other way around.

Some of your mediums that sit alone, or are inexperienced, will often be aware that they are the ones creating a negative vibration, through their nervousness and their doubts. Instead, they'd be wiser to come forward with positivity, with love, and with hope. Much more can be achieved from that state of being.

Laughter is, of course, another wonderful way to raise the energy positively. Your churches should remember why their services use hymns. It is to bring joy and to create a positive energy that both worlds can embrace. There are times and places for sadness which, I'm afraid, is still a negative energy. Avoid that being part of your mediumship.

We are aware that some connections with lost ones on this side do indeed bring tears of sadness. But by this stage, the connection is strong enough to sustain it for a few minutes. But too much, and the connection will fade and be lost very quickly.

You should always have in mind that the connection of our two worlds is something deserving of celebration. You call it a miracle at work. That is so.

We are not sad in our world - far from it. We have so much ahead of us, as do you. More reason to always release positivity within you and with-out you.

That was all I wanted to share with you today. We'll get back to our singing and hope you've found these words positively inspiring. God be with you and all. Become more aware of that.


written on Wednesday 29th May 2024
96 days after the session was transcribed

OK, perhaps some readers might consider there is nothing new we can learn from this session, but I beg to differ. Human nature, being what it is, can bring negative energy to a situation without us being aware of it, and this speaker gives one excellent example of such an occasion. 

🔷 When transcribing this session, we’d not long arrived at Lanzarote, and Jane had caught a cold. She was suffering a little from it, so I had asked for healing during my sitting before the writing commenced. I warm to the notion that those in the other world can also send healing our way.

🔷 I remember hearing the story of how one drop of black paint in a large tin of white paint would turn the colour grey. Isn’t that always the case with negative energy? An atmosphere is destroyed in moments with a negative comment.

🔷 The speaker does offer comfort in knowing that if the connection between our worlds is strong, a tearful energy won’t necessarily destroy it. 

"Your churches should remember why their services use hymns. It is to bring joy and to create a positive energy that both worlds can embrace.."

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  1. Thank you Trevor and your Spirit Friend, I think this is great to hear. I love that the Spirit Team were singing hymns at the initial contact time, also returning to it at the end. The fact that tearfulness and negative/nervousness and doubts can bring the energy vibration down has been felt on many occasions in our Churches, until the Medium realises and says things to lift the Spirits of the recipients and also congregations. I also have noticed a decline in Hymns being sung now in our Spiritualist Churches, we are lucky to have One nowadays in Our Church, I would love to have more being sung at the Sunday Services especially!!!
    We are fortunate to have these hints to help us going forward. Fabulous that you got some Healing as well as Jane too! Hope you are both in good health now. Best wishes to you Trevor, your Spirt contact and Spirit Team. xx


about the writing


The words are heard as a voice in my mind and written exactly as heard. However, occasionally the translation from voice to words contains grammatical faults. Where these effect the structure and meaning, during the process of converting the notes to this digital form, minor adjustments may be made.

How Writing Is Achieved

During a session of sitting in the power, Trevor opens his notebook and transcribes the words he hears in his mind as a speaking voice. The transcription is exactly as it is heard.

Only a few words are heard at a time, giving Trevor time to transcribe them. Trevor never knows ahead what the topic of the communication will be.

The process is known as automatic or inspired writing, determined by the depth of the connection.


The WFSIW sessions are usually published sometime after being transcribed. This allows Trevor to read the transcription from a fresh perspective and ability to critique better.