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|| This summary written on Sunday 5th May 2024

Today’s session contains important lessons for me in particular, and probably many others. It is all too easy to take our eyes ‘off-the-ball’ as they say.

There are so many aspects of our lives that we take for granted. We awaken each day and just get on with our routines. We wash, eat, shop, go to work, socialise, relax, watch television, and return to bed, often without a thought of how blessed we are.

I know it would be a tiresome way of being if we lived in that state of gratitude every moment we breathe, but there is room for us to be more grateful and more often, without it turning into a chore.

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t thank the Divine for some aspect of my life. Even if it would seem trivial to others, I often send thanks for the experience of something that catches my attention. We have been doing it for generations really. Some people say grace before eating, passing gratitude for the food on the table.  

I was going to write a few more examples of times we thank the Divine as natural parts of a routine, but I decided to leave those other times for to you to list. 

I think it’s a good habit to develop where we say thank you more often for something that’s part of our life, even a common cold. Without that experience, how would we ever know what it’s like?

  • There’s also one or two other messages from today’s speaker that are worthy of thought, particularly the point they make that I’ve used to title this edition.


Session transcribed on Sunday 18th February 2024 at 2:10 pm

I would like this opportunity to give praise and warmth to yourself and all of those that will read these words. I am indeed residing, as you would call it, in the world that follows yours, after your physical body is no longer required.

I am in admiration of all the beautiful people that have allowed their spirits and mind to be open to the experiences of my world. So many people live through their earth life as if blind. Oh yes, their eyes may transmit signals to their brains, but that really is limiting the possible visions.

I know that some of these followers will at some time in their lives believe that this work is a thankless task, but it is not. Each of you are changing, not just yourselves, but the hundreds of other lives around you. Your beliefs, your healing and your counsel, works every time. Dismiss doubts of your value to your society. You are an important and valued ingredient.

There are countless souls this side, that yearn to be heard by someone on earth. There is a constant flow of souls, as I describe them, as I describe myself, that just want their loved ones and their families to know, "Hey, I'm alive, and I'm doing good."

When the time comes that your mediums release the shackles of the own minds and stop filtering everything, communications between our worlds will flow in abundance, and your world will become richer from the healing process it brings with it.

You are children of the greatest forces ever. Age is not measured in years. It's measured in enlightenment terms. Your time on earth may appear to be limited, but believe me when I say that when you truly appreciate the Divine's power, you'll appreciate that time has nothing to do with life.

Sometimes, earth dwellers measure enjoyment and pleasures with pastimes and hobbies. Materialistic gains that do nothing other than inflate a leaking ego. Enjoyment is really about recognition of one's state of being, and understanding the vastness of the miracle of life.

Some say that life is all there is. They are wrong. The alternative to life is nothing, and believe me when I tell you, nothing does exist as a state of being. Perhaps this is one step too much for you to understand at this time, so I apologise if you are confused. Death does not exist. Nothing does.

You and everyone alive will never need to understand nothingness. It's not a state you will ever be in.

Just enjoy life, in the terms I have described it. Keep doing those things that bring you enjoyment through the discovery of yourself.

May the Divine forces remain with you. That is all.


written on Sunday 5th May 2024
76 days after the session was transcribed

I feel humbled that the words transcribed in this session have been shared with me. There are so many minor lessons, tips and guides we can take from the speaker today. I feel the session deserves this high award graphic.


🔷 Early into the talk, the speaker refers to mediums that filter as not being free of mind. This is an interesting point that, when given thought, is absolutely true.

🔷 “Age is not measured in years…”, I never thought of that being the case. It is a powerful insight in itself. 

🔷 I believe this speaker teased us when mentioning nothingness at the end of the message. It appears from their words that there is more to that subject than we know, and the speaker is prepared to share at this time.

"There are countless souls this side, that yearn to be heard by someone on earth.."

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about the writing


The words are heard as a voice in my mind and written exactly as heard. However, occasionally the translation from voice to words contains grammatical faults. Where these effect the structure and meaning, during the process of converting the notes to this digital form, minor adjustments may be made.

How Writing Is Achieved

During a session of sitting in the power, Trevor opens his notebook and transcribes the words he hears in his mind as a speaking voice. The transcription is exactly as it is heard.

Only a few words are heard at a time, giving Trevor time to transcribe them. Trevor never knows ahead what the topic of the communication will be.

The process is known as automatic or inspired writing, determined by the depth of the connection.


The WFSIW sessions are usually published sometime after being transcribed. This allows Trevor to read the transcription from a fresh perspective and ability to critique better.