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To be honest with you from the off, when I set out on this incredible way of life, I had no intentions of becoming a medium. But a short way into the learning process, I changed my mind.

It was the American medium, John Edward, that germinated the seed within me. On one of his TV shows he was asked by a member of the audience, “Can anyone become a medium.” When he answered yes, I rose to the challenge, probably with a thought that I could prove him wrong!

There are thousands of people across the world making that same decision every year. Each of them has their own reasons why they want to become a medium and relay messages from the other side. Many of these new students weren’t aware of any particular inherant gift, they’ve just be drawn to this way of life.

But the challenges ahead are plentiful. Where do I learn? What do I need to do? How long does it take? Will I be good enough? And plenty more similar probing questions. I know, because I too had a list of my own.

Here are two audios that you’ll find interesting to help you on your way. This first one is me answering the question – how do I get started properly.

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I can’t emphasise that message enough. The real key to working with the spirit world lies in your approach to trusting the process, the learning, the invisible forces working with you and your own hidden potential. Remember that – the potential within you is hidden, so you cannot possibly know what potential you have until it is unfolded.

Here’s the second audio, this time presented by Minister Val Williams DSNU. This recording has never been heard before and is especially for you.

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Minister Val Williams

So much wonderful help and advice from one of the most educated mediums around today.

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