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Working with the spirit world while living a normal life

When it comes to talking about this popular topic, I’m the last person to listen to! Living a balanced life of living in the real world and all the responsibilities it brings with it, and devoting time to my pursuits within the work with spirit. I’m not a good example!

Even before my new found life, I had challenges with getting the balance right. Whenever I found a new interest, I’d throw everything at it, often at the cost of everything else. I recall a so called business venture I was involved in during the nineties that took a lot of time, travel and money investment. In the end it was all for nothing. The business plan was flawed and not just me, but thousands of others in this country lost everything we’d invested. If that wasn’t enough, it added pressure to my marriage at that time and contributed to it finally falling apart. I could not see, or understand, that I’d got the balance all wrong.

Even more recently, I threw everything I had into the Spirited Talk podcast project. Every hour I was awake and all of my savings. Yet in the long term, it failed to bring the rewards I’d anticipated. Nowadays I’m working harder to keep a more sensible balance to my life, spreading my time between my entrepreneurial endeavours and my home life.

I have heard so many friends and acquaintances say how difficult that can be when we’re doing this work with the spirit world. It takes so much time and devotion, yet there are only so many hours in a day. Something has to give surely?

Here is a community conversation I had on Zoom a while ago with some of the Spirited Talk followers, talking about this very subject. The topic is raised by Mr Steven Bird and others join in the conversation.

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Can we learn anything from all this? Yes, we can. The onus is on ourselves to set the balance. We have to learn to be strong and walk away from something to allocate more time for other priorities. The first thing won’t go away and we can always pick it back up at a later time.

Writing is now my biggest project at this time. I am the sort of person who prefers to start an article and finish it in one sit. But that is not always possible. So I walk away from it. This platform automatically saves my work as I write and I can literally stop right now and come back in an hour or so and carry on from where I left off. That was something I found difficult to do with Spirited Talk. There were so many tasks involved in keeping it on schedule that I simply kept going, often into the night. It cost me my health as well as much more. So, yes, I believe we can balance our lives.

The balance doesn’t have to be fifty-fifty either. There is no equation to work to. It’s just a case of being sensible, learning to walk away, and making sure the priorities are attended to.

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