Mediumship Without Public Work?

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Is Public Work In Mediumship Essential?

You’ve chosen to become a medium. You love the work with spirit, the learning and the experience it has brought to you. But you have no desires to use your new found ability in a public environment. Is that even possible? Where can you go with it other than in front of an audience? Does the thought of going public frighten you so much you’ve decided to keep your abilities to yourself?

There are two sides to statements such as these. The one side might be voiced by the publicly working mediums. They’d perhaps suggest that if you have a gift for communicating with the spirit world then you should spread the word and ‘serve’ the Divine by offering messages. At the same time, they’d probably suggest that it is part of being a medium to give back and help others in the process. They’d even throw a curve ball question at you –

“Why become a medium, if not to give messages to others?”

The other side is in understanding that being a medium is only a very small facet of being a spiritualist, with or without the religious expectations that the word spiritualist is related to.

The churches and centres where spiritualist meetings take place are run by people that are not necessarily mediums in the public sense of the word. Ordinary people that have an enthusiastic passion for representing the spirit world in their organisations. Healers, card readers, palmists, tarot experts, crystal workers, alternative therapists, shamanic teachings, meditation, yoga, tai chi and so many other abilities that use and enjoy the energies of earth and the other world. Without them, spiritualism would soon become dull and filled with mediums, some with limited capabilities.

Mediumship is the ability to connect to the spirit world for the purpose of communication. There’s nothing that suggests this has to only be for public use. A misquoted statement often heard is that we should serve spirit. Actually spirit starts and ends within each of us. Our duty is to serve ourselves first. Spirit have never ask us to represent them in a public environment. Yes, it’s good to shine a light on the other world and do so in a manner that is worthy of the cause, but it most certainly is not essential. Religion based organisations might well want their names spread to encourage new recruits, but that’s not what the spirit world desire of us as individuals.

We must detach ourselves from the examples shown by many mediums these days that are on a career path with their mediumship. Often, they are seeking to build their own reputations, fill their diaries and to be recognised by others as a medium. Few, if any, would do so without a financial reward. And don’t buy into the argument that they have spent thousands of dollars in training and should therefore be able to charge for their expertise. The training was of their own desire.

Advancing one’s education in mediumship through training is a wonderful choice. The mediums with that training are usually far more advanced in their abilities. If they choose to then use these skills publicly and take a fee for doing so is perfectly okay. But remember – that is their chosen path and it doesn’t have to be yours. There are hundreds of people that advance their education in spiritualism and mediumship yet have no desires to work publicly. They have no yearning to be a known name or the next big medium everybody knows. They do so because they want to improve their own knowledge and understanding of the incredible art of communicating with the spirit world.

Many years ago, a circle leader asked everyone in our group to spend ten minutes or so writing down on paper what it was they wanted to become a medium for. I had to think long and hard about this question and I had to answer true to myself, not giving an answer that sounded good to the circle leader.

After several wrong attempts, I wrote my final reason why I wanted to become a medium and I’ll share it with you now.

I want to be a medium because I want to improve my self worth and achieve something that my spirit and soul would benefit from.

I had no desires whatsoever to become a public working medium. Perhaps because I believed I’d never be good enough. But I did have a driving force inside me that wanted to learn more, study the art and become capable of connecting with the spirit world for communications and evidence of a life after death. My choice might also have been based on my introvert personality or my awareness that given a chance, I’d have too big an ego. For whatever the reason, becoming a good medium was my only long term desire and I believe I’ve stayed with that vision ever since.

There is also a myth that mediums must prove the continuation of life in every communication they have with the spirit world. How tiresome that must be for the people in the spirit world just wanting to pass on a simple message of love and hope. Of course there should be evidence that backs the communication, but it must not be the determining factor that you achieve every time you connect in your own company away from the ears and eyes of others.

A good medium working in a public environment will produce the evidence through the connection, but will also bring simple communications containing messages that make sense to the person in receipt of it. But anyone can connect to the spirit world if they desire for their purposes and don’t need to have an audience to do so.

The greatest evidence of a continuing life that I received as a medium was during a personal meditation. My father came to me in my mind and talked of stories and memories. I was hard on him and told him that these stories were of things I was aware of and they didn’t offer me any real validations of his continuing existence. That is when he revealed one piece of information that made no sense whatsoever. It was a total of five years before that evidence was proven beyond any doubt for me that I had talked to my dad.

There were only the few people in that circle with me. There was no public audience, just me in my own private meditation. Yet that remains one of the most incredible validations I have ever received from the spirit world and made me want to explore this exciting world even more. That particular incident happened in 2004, just a few years after I’d started my spiritual path.

In summing up – do you have to be a medium that serves in a public environment? Absolutely not, and if when you write your reasons for being a medium yourself on a piece of paper, being able to be a public medium is on the list – you need to think again. That should be a by-product and not a desire.

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