When WFSIW Goes Wrong!

Sleepy Psychic

If you’ve noticed the timestamps on many of the spirit-inspired writing pieces I’ve transcribed, you’ll have seen that they often take place in the wee small hours of the morning, or very late in the day to me!

Most evenings of the week, I rarely go to be before 1:00 am, choosing instead to work in my office after the 10:00 pm news for several hours. I like this time of day!

It’s not that I’m a bad sleeper. I sleep easily and peacefully most nights of the week, be it only for a few hours. It’s about the routine I’ve developed in my life since I retired from normal work.

My best time of day is first thing in the morning. I’m fresh, alert and always keen to get on with whatever’s on the To Do list. 

Around 3:00 pm I start to ‘flag’. I feel the tiredness setting in, and at this point, I’m slower at work, and often, mistakes start to slip into my work. So, I retire to the lounge and watch some late afternoon TV, read a magazine or play a game on a tablet. Then I fall asleep for an hour. I don’t need an alarm. My body knows when to wake up and it’s nearly always an hour later. I’m an expert at power napping! Well, I am in my mid-sixties!

At 10:00 pm I return to my office in the sanctuary and complete more work until I’m too tired to continue. When I eventually return to the house to go to bed, I read on the Kindle, until Jane is asleep. Sometimes, I then use that time to sit (or lay to be precise) in the power for a WFSIW session.

Writing the words from the spirit connected doesn’t take much concentration. At this time of day, I always believe my mind is more pliable, relaxed, and suited to the work. But as anyone who does regular meditation will tell you, there is a fine line point in meditation where the mind moves from the awake state of Beta, through to the drowsy state of Alpha and gently slips into the sleep state of Theta. Holding between those last two states of awareness is hard, hence why some people fall asleep when meditating. 

Here’s an example of a session I started to transcribe while I was in that Alpha state but slipping into Theta!

Before I started this writing session, I’d spent too long with the pen in hand waiting for the spirit connection. My focus had been too weak as you can see by this page of scribbles that came from the first page of this session notebook.

As the opening illustration suggests, when I fall asleep unexpectedly, as occasionally happens, I eventually wake up sometime later, still holding the notepad stylus in a writing position. The session is abandoned!


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