Is The Evidence Gold Nugget?

Is Evidence Gold Nugget

The role of a medium is to act as a channel uniting the two worlds together for the relaying of evidence showing that someone in the spirit world lives on.

The key word in that sentence is evidence. Demonstrating their abilities, the medium should be seeking to bring evidence every time they connect – to prove the continuation of life. From a discarnate being to a carnate being.

Mediums & mediumship are more popular in these modern times than ever before in its history. But with that popularity has come much dilution. Fewer than ever mediums are demonstrating irrefutable evidence of a continuation of life in their work.

There are many reasons why this is happening. Here are just five.


  • Mediums are performing readings without enough training.

  • Mediums have become impatient and are not prepared to put in the time required to deepen their connection with the spirit world.

  • The attraction of money and ‘performing’ to the public draws them in a way that’s intended to inflate their ego.

  • The medium has a complete lack of understanding, or a misunderstanding of what their role is.

  • The recipients, the chosen client does not fully understand what they should expect from every medium.

Of course, there are many gifted mediums that were born with an enhanced ability to communicate with the spirit world. They were aware of spirit from a very young age and have gone on to spend their lives learning and attuning correctly. Often these are the ‘big name’ mediums that work in our training establishments as qualified tutors, that command big audiences because of their abilities, that have huge public social media profiles.

I have witnessed phenomenal mediumship packed with true evidence proving life does continue in the discarnate state of being. Mediums such as Paul Jacobs, Tony Stockwell, Eileen Davies, Eamonn Downey, Scott Milligan, Claire Edwards, Simone Key, to name but a few, and omitting many others equal in excellence.

But being born with an enhanced ability for mediumship isn’t essential. Everyone is born with the some potential for working with the spirit world. This ‘potential’ requires unfolding from within, stripping away years of neglect and misunderstandings. This process takes an indeterminate amount of time which often takes years of study, unfoldment and development.

In the process of that life-long apprenticeship, the medium should always remain humble and work hard to prove the continuation of life through evidence. The quality of that evidence is what defines a good medium from a mediocre medium.


This is one of the most discussed aspects of mediumship – what constitutes evidence? Attempting to define evidence into a one-size-fits-all box is extremely difficult and should not be considered as possible. This is because what evidence is, varies from one person to the next. What one person might consider as proof from a medium may not be good enough for the medium’s next client.

Evidence is often defined as something that the medium could categorically not have known and was only known by the carnate person and the discarnate person. The medium could not have sourced that evidence from or by any earthly means.

The evidence may be one of the following 5, for example:

  • a reference to an item, incident or event only known by the recipient.

  • personal details, such as names, addresses, anniversaries etc.

  • a phrase, sentence or words used by the discarnate person.

  • a mannerism, movement, outward facial or bodily expression.

  • a comprehensive description of the discarnate now and as they were on earth.

Evidence is determined in levels of quality from weak to extremely strong. For example, a reference to someone with the name of Tom in spirit could be considered as generally vague, unless it was someone extremely close to the recipient of course. Tom, the newspaper journalist with the Sunday Special newspaper would be incredibly good evidence, so long as it was unknown by the medium and made sense to the recipient.

As a medium myself I tend to self gauge the evidence I pass on to a client. I award it levels such as bronze nugget, silver nugget and gold nugget. Every reading, my intention is to find the gold nuggets – the evidence that proves the continuing presence of a person in spirit. But I should state for balance, some readings I do, and most other mediums would do, don’t always contain those highest levels of evidence. That, sadly, is the nature of the role of mediumship.

It’s worth mentioning here that I am referring to mental mediumship, where the medium is connecting to the spirit world through their subconscious mind. There is also physical mediumship which offers the ultimate evidence of continuing life outside of the medium’s mind and witnessed by everyone present. One of the finest physical mediums in the UK is Scott Milligan who, by the way, is also a mental medium. The forms of evidence I’ve witnessed him produce in his seances is often beyond belief and can include actual objects being presented by the spirit world – known as apporting.

When I watch other mediums work, I am aware of what is and what isn’t true evidence or proof. However, often the recipient will be impressed with a remark of suggestion so much so that they are personally convinced of a spirit presence, even though there isn’t one.

“Your mum wants to say that she’s fine now and she’s free of the pain.”

A nice sentiment – but everyone is free of pain once they’re in the spirit world, so there’s nothing evidential about that remark. It might offer some comfort to the recipient though.

The role of the medium is to seek validations when they’re connected to the spirit parties concerned. They should never settle for mediocre and should always ask for more evidence or proof.

10 Phrases Some Mediums Often Use – but contain no real evidence

  • I feel your mum (or whoever it is) was a lovely lady . . .

  • She did like her soaps on TV. . .

  • She wants to thank you for everything you did at the end. . .

  • He was a bit of a lady’s man at times . . .

  • He/She knows you were looking at their photos recently . . .

  • There is an anniversary coming up very soon . . .

  • They are showing me daffodils, does that mean something? . . .

  • They’re saying you need to do this and that . . .

  • They want you to look after your health . . .

  • They’re aware you’re struggling with . . . .

There are hundreds of such lines you’ll hear from every medium that, although they may be accurate, offer no evidence of a continuing life and are effectively general statements that would fit many people.

If you’re getting a reading from a medium, record it or make copious notes throughout. Don’t question the medium during their connection as this often distracts them from their fragile connection. Make extra effort to evaluate everything they say, the way they say it, and whether it is absolutely accurate, or contains enough evidence to most likely be correct. Look for the gold nuggets. Anything less is not evidence.

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