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Apart from being a student of this wonderful subject, I’m also a working evidential medium. That word ‘evidential’ is somewhat important in the way I work and to be blunt, what I’d like to see in more mediums – evidence!

A medium’s role is to relay real and concise evidence that life continues after bodily death on earth. Evidence! Not generic whiffle-waffle, not commonly used clichés that would fit anyone. Solid proof that could not possibly have been known by the medium through any earthly means.

The following six examples of poor mediumship are true. I witnessed each of them and was ashamed to watch such poor representation of the work we do for and with the Spirit world.



This is the medium that decides that the podium is a good place to counsel the recipient of a message. Common phrases from such mediums include:

“ You need to go to the doctor about that . . . “

“You need to take more care of yourself . . . “

“ You’re not eating eating enough veggies and you need to cut down on . . . “

These messages often include a claim that they’re coming from the recipient’s guide in the spirit world! These mediums appear to find a weakness with that person and use it to preach morals of right and wrong.

A podium, stage or platform is not a place to be offering counselling in front of others, especially if you’re not qualified to do so and more especially during a demonstration of mediumship of which this is not.


Medium speaking to a lady in her 60s in the congregation.

“I’ve got your gran with me. She’s been doing some baking. She’s got her pinnie on and I can see some tissues up her rolled up sleeves. She’s a warm and friendly lady with nice grey curly hair. Blah blah blah!”

There’s no evidence or proof of the continuation of life in those statements. Probably everyone in an audience can accept those messages as descriptive of their own relations!

The Spiritualist churches are full of these mediums. Often they’ve done a weekend workshop or sat in a circle for a few weeks, or have been told they’re ready to ‘serve’. It’s often plain to see that they’ve not connected to the spirit world, and are probably unable to anyway.

But this is not always associated with the new medium. I’ve seen experienced mediums that are obviously having a bad day and have reverted to shallow messages with no real evidence.


The medium that is so popular, they are invited regularly to serve the church, possibly as much as once every month or more. They live local and they are well known to everyone. In other words, the mediums knows most of the people and therefore has acquired much information about the person, as we all would, simply in the passage of life.

This medium is also able to quote postcodes, telephone numbers, exact addresses and dates of celebrations – because they know them.

I watched a medium do exactly this in what, on the surface, appeared to be a spectacular demonstration. The medium quoted postcodes, road names and phone numbers. My partner was impressed with the demo, until I pointed out to her that the medium worked that church every couple of weeks and was friends with most of the congregation at some level.


The showbiz medium is the one that everyone likes and everyone wants a reading from. So when it comes to claiming who a message is for, the audience suddenly become less fussy about the details and more about getting the attention of the medium.

Then there’s the other sort of medium that ‘owns the platform’. They’ve perfected their stage-craft. The jokes, the one liners, the amusing little phrases, the personal stories of triumph. But little or no evidence from them proving the continuation of life!


There are good and proper ways to ask questions during a demonstration of mediumship, if they need to be asked at all. They’re sort of rhetorical in many respects. Here’s an example of a good question approach.

“Would you understand why your aunty ended up in hospital after the riding accident?”

The question isn’t about the evidence, merely about the understanding of the incident. A perfectly acceptable way of delivering the communication, though just switching those first two words around would make a better way of presenting the words.

“Why am I seeing hospitals around your aunty?”

That is a direct question that contains no valuable information in it. These leading questions are considered as seeking clues and confirmations from the wrong source. They should be asked internally by the medium. Their connect should be answering these types of questions, not the person being read.


This describes the person that does a couple of workshops on the subject, perhaps sits in a circle for a few weeks and believes they are good enough to represent the world of spirit communication responsibly.

Don’t misunderstand, everyone has to start somewhere. But learning the art of connecting to the spirit world, understanding the process and learning the importance of the role as a medium are not aspects that can be learnt in a short period of time.

A person that attends a workshop and receives a certificate at the end of it is not therefore a medium because they have a bit of paper. The paper means nothing only that they attended a workshop.


This is the medium that has learnt the basics of mediumship and knows some fancy lines to use during a reading because they’ve gained some experience and knowledge. But they stopped continuing with their learning a long time ago and are relying on what they know to see them through.

These mediums are often fixed in their views, closed minded and doing nothing more to better themselves. They simply do what they know and often think they can teach others based on their limited knowledge.




These comments may appear harsh because they’re meant to be. There are far too many people claiming to be mediums and charging money for it, when they’re far from suitable for their roles.

Being a medium is an important role. It carries with it a huge responsibility and a need for understanding what the task entails. There are no superpowers involved, no egos required, no desires for fame and certainly shouldn’t be desires for fortune either.

Being an ambassador for the work, staying hungry to learn, humble in the approach, enthusiastic to be better and always a student of the subject. Always.

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