Why Communication Often Appears Slow


If the spirit world have always been there, why have we not learnt to communicate much clearer in that time that’s passed? Why are communications still vague, often hit and miss and lacking real proof? Surely the spirit world have learnt to improve the connection by now?

This is a topic of discussion that I once raised with a tutor at the world famous ‘Arthur Findlay College’ when attending for a week long course on mediumship. Either I didn’t make my question clear, or the tutor dismissed me as a fool, because the answer she gave was about as vague as my communications with the spirit world were at that time.

To be fair to the tutor, her answer might have contained detail that I simply didn’t understand and thereby failing to communicate something I could grasp at that time some fifteen years ago. The premise of my question was clear. Why have the two worlds not improved the effectiveness of the passing messages across the thin veil? Now, many years later and with a bit more knowledge and understanding, I’ll attempt to give my answer for you, hopefully in a language that does make sense.

The short answer to the query may surprise you. The two worlds have indeed developed better communications over that time. But to understand my reasons, you’d have to first look at the variables involved.


We have socially changed beyond recognition when compared with our great grandparents. Back then, life was more simpler, though they worked much harder than we do today. The advancement of science and technology has brought with it a wider range of skills, abilities and basic knowledge. We live in an age where we can multitask more naturally, where we can focus on more than one thing at a time. Our social relationships have evolved too, and as a result, our culture and beliefs have changed. The ‘flat-earth’ society is now well and truly part of history.

As a race of people, we have evolved and adapted to an ever changing world we live in. Change is more accepted as part of our lives. For those in the spirit world – we could be conceived as a ‘moving target’.


The fundamental science about connecting to the other side has not changed very much through mental mediumship. The methods are the same as they were hundreds of years ago. The process has always been difficult to master – two worlds living in two dimensions, different vibrations and completely different physics laws. On the face of it, nothing has changed and rather than humans on earth adapting, it is in fact the spirit realms that have had to change and adapt to us. As I mentioned above, we are a complex moving target and the nuts and bolts of the process of communication have had to be adjusted to suit our times.


It was not that long ago when groups of humans would gather together in a home environment on a regular basis to hold seances, circles and sittings to welcome those in the spirit world to join. Circle leaders would teach the sitters that they must be prepared to sit, possibly for years, to develop and unfold the ability to receive communications. Fanny Higginson, Gordon’s mother, made him sit in silence in their home circles for years before he was allowed to finally speak the words of Spirit.

Try telling a new student today that they will be expected to sit for many years before they will be in a state of presence to communicate with the spirit world. Few would be bothered, and actually the results of this lack of dedication can be seen in Spiritualist churches across the world today. We call them ‘mediums giving granny messages’.

We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm and this comes at a price. The quality of the mediumship is therefore diluted. Messages become more vague and true connections to the spirit are much rarer that we would care to believe. In other words, our expectations are shallower and sadly, our basic knowledge and understanding of the subject is often very poor.


We live in a world where mediumship has become a marketable commodity. Individuals have jumped onto a proverbial band wagon of selling their abilities at a price and the money has become the important reward. But I find myself asking the question, how many of today’s mediums that are marketing their abilities to communicate with the other world, are actually spending time sitting in silence and developing their own spirit connection? How many would continue to ‘serve’ without there being some form of financial or recognition reward?

Meanwhile, the spirit world remains keen to get the word across the veil that life does indeed continue after earthly death. But what they have to work with to pass on their messages has changed, diluted and less clear than ever before. Their words are also diluted by the medium who is less mentally prepared than ever before. The evidence is often in the detail and that is missing in many public mediums’ demonstrations.

The actual mechanics of mediumship, the connecting and communicating, are basically the same as they always were and most likely always will be. But the way we approach the work has changed and our expectations have become somewhat harder to achieve due to the dilution of our abilities.

The most popular method of communicating with the spirit world is through mental mediumship. But it is not the only way it can be achieved. I have sat in several seances and witnessed actual solid evidence of the presence of the spirit world. I have heard their voices produced independently of the medium. I have touched items they have apported (solid objects passed through the ether) back into this world. I have watched their miraculous methods, heard their work and experienced evidence that is irrefutable.

The medium, however, has devoted years and years of his life to sitting and understanding the processes and allowing the spirit world team working with him to fine tune and hone the connection. This is not even on the same spectrum of the church medium that has done a weekend course and claims to be channelling some higher form of life.

A tutor at the Arthur Findlay college once shared a story with us all about how she asked her father in spirit to communicate with her. As a devoted medium, sitting in the power every day and developed beyond most others abilities, she wanted her Dad to communicate with her. One night, she left her iPad on the bedside cabinet after doing some reading in bed. The next morning, when she woke the screen of the iPad, there was a basic notes app open and on the screen was the following message typed, “This is your father. I am safe and well.”

This is evidence that some of the spirit world are learning to adapt the way they message us. Groups of scientist in the spirit world have gathered together to create alternative methods of communicating with us. Take the time to research about ‘The Scole Experiments’ where the spirit teams found a new form of energy they could use to communicate with Robin Foy and his loyal team in their Norfolk circle.

So when someone asks the question, ‘where’s the evidence and why is it not getting better with time’, it comes from a lack of understanding and knowledge. There is far more evidence of life after than there is of there not being. I can offer proof to anyone that there are unknown forces communicating through me. But nobody, I mean nobody, can offer me proof that there is no life after death.

“ I think it all boils down to that little word – dedication!” – Ann Bennett, Spirit Medium

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