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We talk about egos almost as a passing thought most of the time. In a somewhat light hearted way we mention others who are inflating their egos on social media or some other situation. We read comments that appear to be from people more or less saying, “Look at me. Look at what I’ve done. This and that have happened to me, how lucky am I. “ I almost expect to read them saying, “ Anyway, that’s enough of me talking about myself. What do you think of me?”

Even as I write these words, I’m aware of my own ego and how it plays a part in how I write. Not that I don’t know what the word means but I just searched Google with the word ‘ego’ and decided to read the first returned article. It was a definition of the word, courtesy of Cambridge University.

EGO; your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability.

Now, that particular definition leads nicely into the story I want to share with you. Last night (as I write this on 26th July 2022) I sat for inspired writing. To be precise, it was in the early hours of this morning.

My speaker was sharing interesting comments about what the group over the other side were doing at that time. They were celebrating and there was a party atmosphere in the room. I must say, I felt it through the words too. He shared with me, the reason for the celebration, which I found truly fascinating and totally believable.

Towards the middle of the flow of words, the speaker mentioned that “Colin has just popped in”. At the same time as writing the words at the speed I was hearing them, and using a tiny bit of my conscious mind that was still available, I thought, “Who is Colin? I only know one Colin. Jane’s original brother-in-law that passed over a few years ago.

But as soon as I thought that, the speaker in the spirit world continued, “ He wants you to say hello. He just popped in to pass a message to Marlene. He’s laughing and wants to know why she’s still kept that dress. Don’t worry, she’ll understand.”

I immediately remembered that Marlene, a close friend through my podcast work, was a friend of the late Colin Fry. I was quite excited by this, as I’d always liked Colin and admired his incredible mediumship.

Over the coming sentences, another set of information was mentioned regarding another person very close to my partner Jane and me. Shortly after these two messages, the speaker said goodbye to me, claiming as he finished that my mediumship mind was taking over and that would not help with the writing.

Well, I was excited by the messages he had passed to me. I closed the notebook and lay back on the bed thinking how wonderful it would be if these messages were validated. I didn’t realise it in those moments, but my own ego was starting to show energy in the situation. Anyway, I fell asleep shortly after.

Before I went down for breakfast this morning, I texted the words to Marlene on social media. I then went for breakfast before getting a reply. During the meal, I mentioned the second set of messages I’d received the previous night and in particular a name of someone that her mother had been thinking about in the past few days. The name was Pauline.

After commenting on the other parts of her message, Jane said that she believes Mum is God-parent to her friend’s daughter – Pauline. Wow, I thought. I confirmed with Jane that I could not have known that and she agreed. The second set of messages from the spirit world were accurate.

I’ve always believed that if one message in a reading is accurate, then there is no reason to believe the rest aren’t. And so, as my ego became somewhat inflated, I got excited about returning to my office to see if Marlene had responded.

Why was that important to me? What did it matter? Surely this was just my own ego seeking some sort of boost? Part of the reasons for it being important was also to validate the inspired writing and how it offers a window to the spirit world. These messages would show the readers that this writing I was doing was ‘real’.

I returned to my office, jiggled the mouse to waken the screen, and there was a response from Marlene. I’ll save the content of that message for the actual summary when I transcribe the notes to the subscribers of MORE WFIW when it comes out in a few weeks. But to summarise here, that somewhat inflated ego of mine started leaking straight away and like the head of a tortoise, I felt myself retracting to the safety of my personal shell!

Personally, I’ve worked hard over the years to make sure I don’t appear to have a big ego like some of my colleagues have. At least, I thought I had worked on it! Yet here was my ego popping its ugly head up and taking a battering one more time. People, such as I do, that have low self esteem suffer when their egos are bruised.

My old tutor and mentor used to explain to me, when I told him I was trying hard to keep my ego in check, that having an ego is an important part of our life force. It cannot be removed. It is part and parcel of who we are. Keeping it in place is good and wise, but expecting to not have one is simply not possible.

I’m quite fascinated in the mental side of our life, how the brain ticks and why. I read this following article that I feel sums up very well how our egos are a driving force in our lives.

My old mentor always took time to remind me that egos are not something we should be afraid of and that, to some degree, an important ingredient in our work with Spirit.

My conclusion is that after over sixty years of life, ten of those being as a mature adult, I’ve learnt well to understand and appreciate my own ego. Through the wisdom gained in life, I can easily recognise the ego in others when they exercise it on social media. But rather than let it bother me too much, I just accept that they’re doing it to make themselves feel good, in the hope that others responses will add to it and justify their motives.

Do I have an ego then? You betcha! And everyone I’ve ever known has one too, even my partner Jane, who is the most wonderful person anyone could ever meet. Should we worry about it? Not really. It would pay us well to make deliberate efforts to keep it in check, but not to the detriment of our own personality.

As for my messages from the other side, in the form of words? I’m always right, aren’t I!

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