The Inspired Spirit, regular articles covering aspects of mediumship & working with the spirit world.

The Determination Of Spirit

So here I am. Sat at a table on the patio in the shade of the blazing hot wall-to-wall sunshine. Of course, I’m talking about Lanzarote and not Wigan. The last time I checked in on one of the cameras

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Alternative 4 of cups

They’re There You Know

My mum and dad came to let me know they were with us on holiday. Of that, I am certain. Apart from the usual shiver I get when I know people in spirit are with me, I felt happiness and

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The OMEI Assessment For Mediums?

I’m so excited! I’ve got my new six-monthly medium rating and I’ve moved up to 60% approval. I’m 5% better than I was in the last period and means I can now charge a little more for my mediumship services. 

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Photo of seance

When Mediumship Becomes Physical

Communicating with those from the spirit world is a remarkable event that takes place across the world thousands of times every day by mediums. But even after several hundreds of years of this incr…

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Striving AI Image

The Striving

My partner Jane absolutely hates the use of the word journey, when used as anything other than an actual physical journey! I must confess it’s a wo…

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Sleep With Lullaby

Lullaby The Mind

Whenever we think of a lullaby we think of a gentle song sung to babies and children to aid their falling asleep. That is what the word itself mean…

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