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My partner Jane is experiencing a flair-up of her ongoing rheumatoid arthritis in her ankles. The pain and the accompanying swelling are making walking and standing difficult for her. The pain is 24/7 and I’m witness to her groaning and twisting when she’s asleep. So I’m back regularly sitting with her for healing.

When I was in my Sanctuary recently, I found myself drawn to the cabinet containing my selection of pendulums. In those moments of looking at them all, I wondered why I’d stopped using them for healing, as I always had done in the past.

I took out my favourite one and told myself that I would start using it again. The problem was, however, that I had only learnt how to use the pendulum for detecting differences in the body’s energy fields. I’ll explain that method shortly.

I felt an air of excitement that evening as I settled down to do some healing on Jane’s very swollen ankles. The excitement was because I was using a ‘tool’ that I’d always enjoyed using, yet had allowed me to slip away from my sessions for whatever reason.



I said a prayer and spoke to the Divine and the spirit team in my head while allowing myself to relax and release my tensions. Then I started with the pendulum.

  1. I propped my elbow comfortably so I could rotate it from the space outside around the ankle to the ankle itself, adjusting height and placement without moving my elbow.

  2. In the space away from the ankle, I practised holding the pendulum chain, steadying it by spreading the fingers in the chain creating a downward pointing triangle. Opening the chain like this offers more stability to the pendulum, but at the same time reduces the freedom of the pendulum to swing.

  3. After a few minutes of relearning the control, I reduced the triangle size by closing my fingers until the pendulum hung on the gathered chain straight down.

  4. I heightened my awareness and spent a short while allowing the pendulum to become an extension up my arm. This is the most important element of this work. The intention is to be able to sense any resistance to the movement as the pendulum hangs as still as possible.

  5. Once I’d established this, I slowly moved the pendulum nearer the energy field of the outside of the ankle, all the time staying completely in tune with the freeness of the pendulum.

  6. Over the coming minutes, I was able to detect exactly where the pendulum was resisting movement as I very slowly moved the pendulum over the swollen skin. The pendulum was kept around an inch above the skin. The resistance often feels like the arm has moved, yet the pendulum has remained. It’s like the resistance of a magnet pushing it away.

  7. When I detected an area of resistance, I would slightly raise the pendulum and hold it above that specific area. I imagined that the universal healing force was flowing through the chain to the pendulum and into that area of the ankle. Every time I did this, Jane would react with either a report of tingling in that area, once or twice reporting a sharp pain, like a needle prick.

After about ten minutes or so doing this, I would take the pendulum away and continue with my ‘normal’ healing routine with my dominant hand either resting on the energy field or occasionally resting on the actual ankle.


The use of the pendulum highlights the sensitivity of the user. Being able to detect these minor resistances from the pendulum is only possible if the user is completely attuned to the pendulum, sensing every moment for the tiniest of differences.

For me, this was a wonderful experience being back working with a tool I had once used all the time and yet along the way allowed it to fall out of use. I am fully aware that I am unlikely to offer any full-time relief from Jane’s ailment, but I do know that the healing does something good, be it for a short period.


I have ordered a book on using a pendulum for healing.

Pendulum Healing: Circling The Square Of Life To Improve Health, Wealth, Relationships, And Self-Expression Kindle Edition

I will thoroughly enjoy reading this book and expanding my limited knowledge of this exciting subject.

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