Automatic & Inspired Writing – Part 3

In this final part we’re going to explore our own potential for this form of communication with and from the spirit people working with us. We are going to learn to move our altered state of mind further along the writing spectrum and allow those working with us in their world another means by which they can communicate with us.

Regarding trying to do some spirit-inspired writing, it does not matter how good or bad you feel you are as a medium, only that you can write. Like any pursuit in life, you’ll get more from this, the more you put into it. The advice I give below is based on my own experience and as many of you will be aware, I’ve been involved in Spirit Writing for most of my life as a medium. I do not profess to be a font of all knowledge, nor an expert on the subject on the subject, I’m merely sharing my experience.


Getting started with spirit-inspired writing is a matter of preparing yourself, finding the time, and remaining open-minded to the process, while also being honest about the results.

In my public work with WFSIW (Words From Spirit-Inspired Writing), I have always been the toughest of judges for the writing sessions that have been produced through me.  I grade each writing session, often many weeks later, and take time to study what has been shared in the message I’ve transcribed. 

Understand though, whoever undertakes a session with the intent of receiving messages from the spirit world, must realise that their imagination will be an active ingredient. Depending on the preparation beforehand, (sitting in the power quietly for no fewer than 10 minutes), over time, the transcriber will learn to define what is and isn’t words from their active ‘daily’ mind.


Treat yourself to a brand-new notepad and a reliable pen. Devote these only for your spirit writing. Get a good notepad with quality paper. I would recommend one somewhere between A5 and A4 size so that you’re not going to be turning pages every few words or having to move your wrist every few seconds because of the width and depth of the pages.

I would recommend a fine-tip pen or a good-quality biro-style pen. Pencils wear out too quickly, break easily, and produce too much friction between the tip and paper. Ideally, you need a notepad where the back sheet is as easy to write on as the front side, otherwise, you’ll be getting through notepads quite quickly.

If you have the money, an e-ink notebook is a good investment, not just for this work, but for storing all your other notes and journal entries. Everything is together in a digital format and always at hand.

For this work, I use an Onyx Boox Nova 3. They are expensive, but it’s an investment and less than the cost of a decent tablet or smartphone, neither of which are suitable for this work.

My Boox contains thousands of notes, quotes, and journal entries, apart from all of my spirit writing. The stylus is as good as a pen in feel and reproduction, and the nib & paper background can be varied by choice.

That is all you need to get started. A dedicated notebook, a pen, and your time. I would recommend you choose a location where you’ll do your writing frequently. One that is away from distraction, where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed. Whether you use ambient music is your preference. As I write this now I have a background track playing on another computer that helps me to focus. 


On the first page of your new notepad, repeat this exercise I suggested in the first part of this series.

Sit quietly with a notepad and pen at hand. Close your eyes for a few moments and take a few deep & deliberate long breaths in and long breaths out. Nothing more than that is expected.

On a clean page of the notepad, write the following (swapping my name for yours)

“These are writing from me, Trevor Baldwin, and I am a student of the life working and communicating with the spirit world. I am hereby formally inviting my spirit guides to use my imaginative mind while I sit for spirit writing from this day onwards.”

Now add something like the following to the page. You can of course reword this – it is part of the setting of the intent.

“As I sit here with this notepad and pen in hand, I offer my mind as a conduit for words of inspiration, communications from my inner spirit which I appreciate resides in the spirit world. I invite my spirit team to use these opportunities to share their words of help and guidance so I may learn and grow.”

”As I learn to free my mind through this process, I ask that the words flow freely and with as little influence from my own mind as possible. I ask this as part of my ongoing unfoldment and understanding, in the knowledge I will increase my abilities in the process. Thank you for working with me.”

Your first page is now complete. The intention is set and you are now ready to explore a new world of communications through the pen.



From this point onwards, understand that you are not going to worry about the source of the words you write. You are going to write with the knowledge that your inner spirit has influenced the words at some level.

  • Do not dismiss anything you write as just your thoughts because the truth is – they might well be! 
  • Be true to yourself. You are the only person that matters in this relationship with your pen and the spirit team. What you write is your property, your inspirations, your insights. The words remain your private property.
  • Create the habit. Have writing sessions regularly so it becomes an enjoyable experience for you and your inner spirit. Sit for short lengths of time, starting with a target of around 10 minutes.
  • Spelling and grammar do not matter. So long as you can read what is written, nothing else matters.
  • Learn to let the words flow. Don’t make corrections. Mistakes are part of the process.
  • Avoid thinking too far ahead when you’re writing. To keep your mind free for inspiration, over time, learn to limit the amount of words in your mind ahead of your writing. I’m usually only aware of the next 3-8 words. I refuse to let my mind formulate the sentences.



🔹 If I find myself lacking in the words from spirit, instead I write a conversation, usually a question I want the answer to. I write it as if I’m there with the spirit team. I may even write a problem I’m having, or share words about how I’m feeling at that time.

🔹 Eliminate your criticisms. The writing doesn’t have to be neat. It doesn’t have to be a novel. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a record of your thoughts at that moment.

🔹 Don’t skip the preparation. Sit in the silence before commencing writing. Pray if you want to, I often do. Never rush it. Set the environment every time and remain as still as possible throughout the session. Your goal is to move your mind into the Alpha state. (see diagram above)

🔹 Title every session. Personally, every session begins with me writing the full date and time at the top of the page. A short and convenient example would be TU060922-1512. It is Tuesday the sixth of September 2022 and the time is 12 minutes past 3 in the afternoon. Taking time to title the page often starts a flow of words.

🔹 Have no expectations or preconceived ideas of what you’re about to write about. Keep your mind off any subjects until you are sat with the notepad and pen at hand.


Head to your new page with the time and date. Now write a few sentences from your spirit. Yes, that’s easy. Your words might begin something like this.

“I am the voice of my inner spirit. I am the inner Trevor. My hope through my remaining time on earth is to . . . . “

Keep going for as long as you can, always listening to your mind and what is being heard. Don’t allow silence to set in. Just write your inner spirit visions, beliefs, desires, etc.

This should take you anywhere from a few minutes up to 20 minutes to complete. When you’ve done, close the notepad immediately and thank your spirit connect. Walk away without reading what you’ve written.

Some time later, ideally, the next day, read what you wrote to yourself. You might already be amazed, and remind yourself, you’ve only just begun!

Learning to regularly write with spirit inspiration largely depends on your inner belief that there is a spirit team working with you. It’s no good me telling you there is, it’s a state of belief only you can move into. I can tell you with absolute certainty that your inner spirit will appreciate the time you spend writing AND there are many wonderful speakers in the world of spirit that are waiting to use your imagination. They’ll happily work with you and want to develop that long-term working relationship.

Remind yourself that those working with you in the spirit world will not be writing the words. They will be speaking to you through your imagination using your mind’s voice. It is you that are expected to write their words. Often the words you write will be formed from the sentiments of what they’re sharing with you, so you don’t have to transcribe word for word. You only need to capture the essence of the conversation. I have had many occasions where I’ve heard them tell me to rephrase a sentence or delete a word I’ve added from my mind.

Spirit-inspired writing is an exciting addition to your mediumship toolkit, in the same way that spirit art and other tools are. It will improve your mediumship because it helps you develop a deeper relationship of trust and knowing with the spirit team working with you.

Using your writing, you can challenge your mediumship by asking for information you can validate after the session. Don’t beat yourself up if messages cannot be confirmed, that is quite normal. I’ve written many messages for others received during spirit writing sessions and some have not been able to be validated. That’s no big deal, it’s a learning curve.

That’s all you need to know to get started. It will cost you little or nothing, only your time commitment to yourself and your inner spirit. But it will introduce a new and exciting world with endless possibilities and renewed hope. The words are within you, go write them!

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