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The light-hearted recent article on Egos that I wrote appealed to a few of the readers and created a little response back. The first was from my own partner Jane!

On the morning it was published, I went down to breakfast and asked if she had read the article. I always value her critical opinion! She smiled at me in such a way that I knew something was hidden behind it.

Spit it out”, I said. “What’s your comments?”

She then pointed out to me that in the article I’d fail to directly mention that the message for Marlene had not been accepted as accurate. I thought about it and was sure I must have mentioned it.

A little later in the morning, I checked and realised she was correct, although I had made reference to my ego being deflated after sharing the message with Marlene. Perhaps without me even being aware of it, I was protecting my ego through my writing, though I wasn’t consciously aware of doing so.

Anyway – the original message for Marlene was rejected as inaccurate and her response to me detailed why it could not have been. As a medium, I accept that this does happen and that messages we pass on often don’t hit home for reasons beyond our knowing.

So the message from Colin didn’t make sense – for now. The lack of a positive response only highlights how our egos are waiting to be fed with comments that boost it. Am I therefore upset? Not in the slightest! Did it deflate my ego? Well I guess the answer would be yes, if I had let it. But as I said, initially I was disappointed, but being an experienced medium with many years of getting it wrong at times, I’m well prepared for such events.

Also, the message was passed to me through my inspired writing that I believe strongly was influenced by a spirit connection of sorts. I’m not passing the buck, but there are many factors that are in play when a message is forwarded through a medium, not least the time frame around the occurrence of when the message being remembered actually took place in our time line. I don’t know about you, but I can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday let alone a conversation that might have taken place 30 years ago.

Anyway – Marlene responded back to me on the article with a poem, and I want to share it here with you to conclude this update.

THE EGO by Marlene Woolgar

The worst thing you could ever see, 
Is ego with a great big 'E'.
This word so often is abused,
And, frequently, it is misused.
A big 'E' tells the world one thing, 
'I'm great - the best there is - the king,
Of everything I do and say!'
(Give me a small 'e' any day!)
A small 'e' shows you've got it right. 
You need it just to beat stage fright,
To give you confidence and such, 
Whilst proving that you're still in touch
with the real world. 

I love to see an ego with a little 'e!'
There’s nothing wrong, whatsoever, with your little ‘e’

I love it! Note the use of a small e and a big E!

Thank you so much for sharing your words with me and the readers, Marlene.

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