The Lady Denied Her Ex-Husband A Voice

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The role of a medium is, at times, very testing. In front of them is an audience that, first, wants to know if the medium is any good, and second, if the medium will bring a message to them from their loved one in spirit.

There the medium stands, on a stage in front of the waiting audience. No scripts, no visible support, yet with everyone waiting for the medium to speak.

But surprisingly, there are other hidden factors that come into play as well. It’s not just the medium and the power of their connection with the other side. There’s also the recipient as well to consider. How flexible are they? How prepared are they to recall long forgotten memories, how open is their mind to this experience?

I’ve got a story I want to share with you. I recorded the details of the story a few years ago when I was working in public. The story involves an incident at a church hall in the north of England.

I recorded the story shortly after the event so as to keep the details accurate. I’ve learnt a lot about recording stuff since the days of recording this so do be patient with me!

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A True Personal Story

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