How Can We Understand?

Fish Meets Angel
A Life In The Spirit World?

Look, I know the cartoon above is slightly naughty, but it sums up the sentiments of the dilemma that faces us every day we spend working with the spirit world.

Truth is, it’s all a massive leap from reality! That is, of course, reality as we understand it here on earth. We have lived here for thousands of years as humans. We’ve evolved to conquer the earth and the elements within it. We’ve learned to understand the science, from something as simple as why an apple falls to the ground and doesn’t float away. We’ve learned to understand the microscopic world, the effects of medicines, the air that we breathe, and how to win the lottery. Well, probably not the last one, but you get my drift.

We are masters of our planet. We understand the natural laws, including such things as why night and day, what is light and dark, the colours and sounds of the spectrum, and every element of our life. We know our limits and those imposed by those very laws of science as we understand them. This is our reality. It is all we know and all most normal people care to want to believe.

So when we try to convince someone there’s another place filled with living people, all within our planet Earth, yet not abiding by the general rules of physics and science as we know it, naturally their answer is likely to be ‘yea right’!

We might claim to be a medium suggesting how we’re able to hear those said people in that other world. I know, because I am a medium. And I am one of the many thousands of other people across our world working with these unusual abilities. More startling still, millions of other normal people believe in the existence of this other world. Why?

Their proof often comes in the form of a communication from someone who has died, pegged out, stopped breathing air and their body has given up the ghost for good. How on earth can anyone in that state of being talk to someone else who is alive and well? That defies all logic and common sense. It goes against all of our science, physics, and biology. But is there any physical evidence to hang our hats on?

What real evidence have we that there is indeed another world?

OK, so we appear to get messages from the spirits of those who once lived a physical existence here on Earth. Their spirits have returned to the apparent invisible world from where they once left to come to earth. Or did the spirit of that person go anywhere? Perhaps it just carried on where it was. What proof have we, apart from those often vague messages of love and hope that life does indeed carry on after the body dies? After thousands of years of people having some beliefs in another world other than this one, what real rock-solid evidence have we to base our modern beliefs on?

As a medium myself, I tell people that I believe there must be another world where the spirits reside, because it’s the only explanation I currently have for the communications I channel, and this is the best fitting explanation. But as mediums, we’re sometimes at a loss to explain how there can be another world within this world. That is until we remind ourselves of the scientific and physics facts as we know them.

Let’s start with our human hearing. We hear on a limited range of the available sound spectrum. Animals hear things we can’t hear because they hear other parts of the vast spectrum available. Most recording devices we use only record a part of the available spectrum and equally, headphones vary in how much of the sound each plays to us. The spectrum where sounds are measured is vast and we as humans can only hear a fraction of what is actually audible. Does that mean some other force could be creating sounds or communicating in the parts of the spectrum we cannot hear? It’s possible, yes, why not?

What about our eyes? How much can our eyes detect from the available light spectrum? Everything surely? Nope. Here’s a scientific fact that will blow your mind. We can only see with our eyes about 0.0035% of the available light spectrum. OMG. Does that mean some other force could be living in that spectrum that we cannot see? It’s possible, yes, why not?

What about the sense of touch? How much are we able to feel with our body? A feather lightly brushed over the fine hairs on our body? A money-spider as it makes its way through our hair? That’s good enough, isn’t it? But what about the billions, yes billions of bacteria happily living on our skin, and in our bodies, moving around and munching away on our waste and multiplying every few seconds? Can we feel that happening? I wouldn’t want to, to be honest! So we can’t feel everything. We can only feel things that have a mass within a limit our sensors can detect. Does that mean some other force could be touching us so lightly that we cannot feel it? It’s possible, yes, why not?

I’ll save your sanity and won’t go into the many other limitations we have learned to live with from our many other senses. What I’m saying here is that we should first realise how limited we are as humans. We operate with limits we’ve adapted to. Does that mean there is more that is happening that we cannot detect? You betcha! Don’t ever believe differently. We are limited by the nature of who and what we are.

Does this mean there could be an entire other world within this one we live in?

Of course, it does. But here is where it starts to get a bit tricky to understand. Not only could there be an entire form of life within this world that we are unaware of, but there could also be one that doesn’t abide by our scientific and physics rules. Really? Do you ask? Why so?

Atoms are the basic building blocks of everything including the living. Even the device you’re reading this on is primarily made up of atoms. But these atoms are defying our laws of gravity, aren’t they? Yes, let go of a smartphone and it’ll set you back a few quid as it smashes on the ground. But why are those atoms contained in the phone and not trying to leak away and make their way to the ground according to the pull of gravity? Why, if I stand still for five minutes or longer do the atoms in me stay where they are? What about all the atoms floating around in the air? Why are they not falling to the ground in a pool of atom soup?

So perhaps atoms are not always abiding by our laws of science and physics. There’s no perhaps about it – they don’t and there is scientific evidence to prove it. Ask any real quantum physics expert. If you don’t happen to have one living next door, research what quantum scientists are now discovering at last about the behaviour of nano-particles. I’ve now presented you with a small selection of the facts that support there being more than just our known life in this world.

Now go back and chuckle at that opening cartoon. Try telling a fish that there is another world outside of the wet one he or she is living in! Try explaining fire, barbeques, smartphones, houses, wages, and the like to a fish. If he could speak our language, what do you think he would say to that proposal? WTF – no way!

That is the same situation, I imagine, that our friends in the spirit world have. Their laws of existence governing their existence are completely different from ours. So when we ask them a question about their environment, as I often do, their answers are nearly always vague or unhelpful. The truth is, they can’t because we’re not playing on the same pitch as they are.

Over the many years where people have communicated with the spirit world, there have been many books transcribed from someone speaking from over there. All of them are rich with words of wisdom, messages to encourage us to fulfil our earth lives, wonderful philosophy and so much more – yet often omitting precise and complete details about the simple things that matter to us here that we’re curious to know exist over there.

Questions we’ve asked the spirit people include,

  • Do you eat and drink? If so how and why?
  • Do you live in ordinary houses and if so who built them, with what?
  • Do you have a time system, if not how do you manage?
  • If your world is one of thought only, how do you meet together?
  • If there is no sky, what’s there instead?
  • How can there be more colours than we can imagine?


Before any of those questions could be answered, I’m suspecting we would have to fully understand their laws of physics, their environmental rules, the conditions of their living, and the entire make-up of their world. Not understanding those fundamentals would result in their answers to us sounding utter nonsense. Try telling a fly there’s a good series on Netflix about spiders! Stupid right? Equally as difficult as it is for us to fully comprehend their world.

I suspect the spirit world to be much richer than ours and more omnidirectional. A spirit person can be in two places at once. A spirit person can enjoy a much fuller life than we have here. Thought is the language of necessity. Everything we think of as earthly pleasures here on earth has different meanings and methods and most certainly is not as important over there as here.

The differences between the two worlds appear to be polar opposites, scientifically speaking. Yet we know that trees, plants, animals, water, and many more of our earth’s elements exist in the other dimension, each living under different governing factors. Or do we know that? After all, if the other world is thought-based, anything can exist within that thought without needing a platform to hold it.

You see – we cannot possibly understand. Nor can we expect those residing there to give us a detailed account that might mean something to us. But as mediums, we should continue to explore by asking questions of our spirit friends. Let them weave a way through the complications of explaining their life. It is our job to listen and to leave room in our minds for other possibilities outside of our current science.

There is something that happens to our spirit when we pass from this world, that is certain. Our spirit doesn’t need to go anywhere. As we live and breathe, our spirit is living in the spirit world. Where else would it live? So when our body is done with, our spirit remains where it is – in the spirit world.

One could easily go mad trying to fathom the details of it all. We’re only going to get the full picture when our purpose with our body ends. Until then, we should appreciate life in this dimension, do the best we can with what we have, and know beyond doubt that there is more to life than we could possibly understand.

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