Fakes From The Woodwork

The Queen

Photo by Jane Barlow

Like so many of us in the UK, I am mourning the loss of our Queen who has passed over to the spirit world to be reunited with her husband Prince Philip. The photo above was taken by royal photographer Jane Barlow, the day before the Queen passed away.

All of us were somewhat shocked when we saw this photo on our TV screens at the time that Prime Minister Liz Truss had an audience with the Queen. The Queen appears old and frail, yet a smile radiates from her face. Nobody would have believed she would be gone within a day of that photo.

It took just two days for a celebrity medium to report to the red-top press that she had known the Queen was going to die because she could see an angel in the fire. She posted her findings on the internet with a close-up of the fire and a drawn ring around the flames. Dozens of the medium’s followers responded agreeing there was an angel in the flames.

Other followers of the medium also reported that the face of a bearded man could be clearly seen in the wall painting to the right of the fireplace. Yet another commented on there being orbs in the photo and a mist around the Queen.

Many of the comments are made by people that include the word ‘Psychic’ or ‘Medium’ in their name title – For example, ‘Psychic Amanda!’. For crying out loud!!! Based on my experience, I do not believe for one single second that any of the claims made have any truth whatsoever.

The biggest problem is not the lack of actual evidence in such claims. Nor is it that it is highly unlikely that an angel would appear in the flames of a fire, or any of the oddball claims made. The biggest problem is the immeasurable amount of damage such claims do to the reputation of true mediumship.

The press loves to mock the work we do with connecting to the spirit world, because the majority of normal people simply don’t believe in life after death. And even if they do, they don’t believe we can connect for communications. So claims such as this one from the attention seeking psychic are fodder for the press.

But maybe I’m being too protective of our name. Maybe I’m just too cynical. Maybe this medium’s claims are based on their honest beliefs. Maybe it’s me that’s not being open-minded. But after spending over two decades training, educating, and unfolding my abilities, learning from the best in the country, and always following a spiritual foundation, I don’t believe there is any doubt. These claims made about this photo are delusional attention-seeking baloney containing not a grain of truth.

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