Curious Questions, Insightful Answers – 4

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The fourth edition of this series in which I answer a few of those questions that often pop up regarding our relationship with the spirit world.

As with much of the learning we do when working with the spirit world, there are often no right or wrong answers. One medium’s answer may be completely different from another’s. Bear that in mind when I offer you my answers to these questions. They are based on my experience and knowledge and may differ from someone else’s.

I did ask a couple of knowledgeable friends to offer answers to these particular questions, but unfortunately, neither responded to my request. A sign of the times perhaps! So, if you think you have more accurate answers than mine, please do let me know so I can update this information.


These answers really are only my opinion and could be wrong. However, in the spirit of learning, here’s my opinions!

The first thing we might need to consider is the topic of their learning. For example, they don’t need to learn earthly practical things, like wiring a plug etc. Overall, their intention is progression and therefore the greatest topic of their learning is likely to be based on their betterment and growth, learning to be closer to the pure light of the universe, the Divine force, the light of God if you like.

However, day-to-day education would continue as it does on earth, quite normally. It is highly likely that they have writing implements, notepads and books as we do here. So much of the spirit world is quite normal compared to earth life.

Everyone, and everything, is as it was on earth. Everything appears solid to touch and functions as it should.  In one of my recent WFSIW sessions, a speaker suggested that there were a group of them sitting around a table to connect with me. So, if a table can appear solid, why wouldn’t other items, such as notebooks, recorders, reference books, etc? I was also told by a connected speaker in the spirit world that they often tap into our physical libraries for answers, though, as he told me, some of the data and thinking are often inaccurate and outdated.

Regarding the linking of minds, I believe the key to this is in the intent of the person in spirit. When they require to share their mind they set the intent to do so. Otherwise, their thinking remains private to them.  

To visualise this for yourself, try to recall one of your recent dreams. In many dreams, we do communicate with others in the dream, but not with a spoken voice as such. We communicate with thought. But the other person doesn’t hear all our thoughts.

They’re not always. Chinese, Tibetans, and many cultures and faiths can also be guides, including ordinary everyday folks. Indians and Chinese are common because they were more in touch with the afterlife when they lived on Earth. They are thought to be more advanced, therefore. Be wary of human egos, though.
Some earth mediums would choose to decorate their guides as Indians, etc, because that is what they want or hope for in a guide. The actual guide may not really be Indian, instead choosing that cloak in order to open the medium’s mind.
I believe my guide, Saki, is an American-Indian. But throughout my relationship with him, he has given me reasons to believe he is more than just that. Originally he introduced himself as White Ape. How unromantic is that!! At the time he told me that name, I chose to research the words ‘white ape’.  I found out that a White Ape/Monkey is a sacred Tibetan animal. Interesting!
Five years later and one day White Ape declared that his real name was Saki. It’s probable that I had originally fantasized about the guide as an American-Indian because I wanted him to be one.  To allow me to progress, perhaps he went along with that for a while.
By the way, Saki, when researched, also appeared to be a sacred name.
The greater majority of mental mediums, visualise people in spirit subjectively. In other words, within their own minds and with their mind’s eye. Therefore, the only person who can verify that information is the medium themselves.
The placement of the person in spirit varies from medium to medium, as does whether the spirit is seen outside of the mind or in the room. Unless the spirit person is witnessed by more than just the medium, the person remains subjective. However, if others in the room physically see the person in spirit, as would be the case in physical mediumship, the spirit would be deemed as objectively visible. 
The person asking me this question had recently received a reading from me where I had subjectively seen their late partner standing behind them, with their hands on his shoulders. Perhaps there was something symbolic or significant in that, though I confess to not knowing why this was.
Although it hurts me to say this, some mediums do add a bit of amateur dramatics to their demonstrations for visual effects and stagecraft, so always be aware that the medium might be pouting their ego a little. 
Most of the time, the placement of the spirit person may be down to a preference of the medium. Personally, I’ve no hard and fast rule, just so long as I acknowledge them. 
Obviously, many people make that choice before they pass over. Often, that decision is based on a religious belief, too. I’ve not heard this topic mentioned by someone in the spirit world though.
I suspect that it is irrelevant to the spirit of our body which has already left it when the body dies. The body becomes a carcass, no longer useful and like a skin shed from a snake, done with. 
Personally, I have witnessed four people pass over, and each of them passed differently. What common factor they all had was, from the moment they passed, their old body became manakin-like and like a wax version of them. Lifeless. They aren’t going to be concerned with what happens to their body, no matter what their wishes were when they were on Earth.


These questions were selected from the many questions that have been asked by students of mediumship. Sometimes, however, the tutor may not know the answer and may choose to get back to you with an answer or may give you an answer based on their experience. Nobody knows everything, and the more you learn, the more questions you will have.

If you have a question (and the answer if you want to share it), drop it on an email to

One Response

  1. These are wonderful answers Trevor.
    1. On question one I have nothing to add, except I was under hypnosis once and had to pick out my body for this lifetime. I looked into the mirror. First came a little italian woman. I dismissed her as I felt that I needed more power in this life, so I picked the body of a sturdy dutch woman. 🙂
    2. I feel that I have a team of guides and none sticks out, except when a particular expertise is required. Lynn Cottrell confirmed this and drew my team of 8 that had shown themselves. No need for names. Is that a human thing? To need give someone or something a name?
    3. I don’t see the person at a fixed location. Sometimes I see people from the future. Those are often very close to the person’s head, to show that they are already in their field. In pictures, loved ones will show themselves as orbs, close to the head of their loved ones. Recently I was told by a father that the recipient should look at a picture that had been taken an hour before and there was a huge bright orb behind the whole group of people. I think it depends on the message. I had a murderer once and he certainly didn’t come to close to the recipient as she was furious he had even shown up.
    4. Many shamans think that the body needs to be kept whole, as scars can re-incarnate with the new body. In my meditations, where I have ‘died’ the body was absolutely not relevant anymore. The other day in a dream, my car drove off a mountain and I remained in the air, while my car and body were being destroyed. I felt no remorse, no sentiment, like in all other deaths I have ‘experienced’.

    As a medium I know I can see people from the future. Aren’t they sitting in the same place as the people from the past? They also give loving and comforting messages and guidance. My recipients also feel the loving energy that comes from their future partners, lovers, friends.

    With the message from the young boy, I was surprised that he didn’t mention re-incarnation. It seemed that he didn’t really know his parents from previous lives and that he didn’t know them on the other side. I can very much accept that, but found it strange nonetheless, as many people are hung up on previous lives and traumas accompanied with them. Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you Trevor, it was very interesting.

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