Episode 1 – In The Beginning



Welcome to ‘The Inspired Spirit’. The date is 21st July 2022 and this is another outlet for my writing. But unlike the ‘Words From Inspired Writing’ and the equally popular, ‘More Words From Inspired Writing’ series (WFIW & MORE WFIW), this is me writing!

I’m an evidential medium and student of the work with Spirit. I’ve been involved in this way of life since a series of events occurred in my life at the turn of this century that opened my eyes and awakened my inner spirit, though that is more of a romantic way of putting it. Truth is that it was an ignorant middle-aged man wanting to find out if mediums were genuine. From that early research, pieces of the bigger picture started to fall into place and my life changed direction because of it.


I’ve always enjoyed writing, though I tend to write as I speak, which can often lead to grammatical errors. So don’t expect perfection in my style of writing – it is what it is! In this series I’ll be sharing stories, exercises, helpful advice, hints and tips that’ll help you on your path.

Think of me like a Spiritualist Information shop with shelves full of all sorts of bits and bobs. You’re welcome to browse my shop, but you don’t have to buy into anything you don’t like, agree with, or doesn’t make sense at this time. That’s good and normal. I know you’ll find something for yourself though.

I’ll publish several articles every week and you’ll be able to find them in this page’s archives. You’ll receive just one email every two weeks in which you’ll be told what has been published that you might like to visit.

I look forward to sending you the welcoming email and reading your comments in the near future.

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