Believers Exist, But The Masses Deny

Helen Duncan

Many ordinary folks around the world would class themselves as believers in an afterlife. They’re collectively convinced that there must be something else after our lives end on this planet. Then there are those of us regularly working alongside the spirit world. We may be mediums, healers, shamans or one of many other groups. All with categorical proof and evidence of the continuation of life. We’ll call them ‘the knowers’. They, like me, don’t just believe there is something else, they know beyond any doubt.

 Each individual person will have their own stories and evidence to share with anyone open-minded enough to hear them out.

A common question often asked is why the word has not spread to everyone. After the apparent resurrection of Jesus as Christ over two thousand years ago, why is there still not enough evidence of life thereafter to convince the masses?

On an individual basis, one medium can offer substantial evidence to another person during a reading that would be enough to plant a thread of possible proof for that person. Yet often, within hours, that person will revert to their original beliefs or occasionally realise the strength of the miracle they were part of – a communication from their lost one now living on in another dimension.

Without a question of a doubt, millions of people across the world have either witnessed these communications or have been privileged to receive one for themselves. Yet media sources, governments and authorities, religious leaders and many other powerful influencers continue to deny a medium’s work as evidence.

One would imagine that the modern world would be more intelligent and open-minded, especially with the evidence that there now is to support the claims of another existing life. Instead, mediumship is still mocked as something weird people do to the gullible people within our society.

The opening picture above is a photograph of the physical medium *Helen Duncan, in a séance session, producing ectoplasm to allow the spirit people to show their physical form. Mediums the world over considered her to be one of the finest mediums of her time. Yet she was also the first person ever to be found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced under an ancient act by those powerful influencers.

The photo actually belongs to an investigator called Harry Price. He challenged Helen to produce evidence. He demanded she sit in an all-in-one silk gown so that nothing could be concealed within it. He thoroughly examined her before the séance to ensure nothing was concealed. Helen’s arms and legs were bound to the chair.

Harry Price witnessed the ectoplasm as it started forming from chemicals within her body being manipulated by her spirit team. It poured from her nose and was clearly visible to anyone present. Yet after the séance, Price declared that it was trickery, claiming that Helen had become an expert at regurgitating butter muslin that she’d swallowed before the séance. He was given the evidence he had been seeking, but the truth is he did not want to be proven wrong, only to prove her a fake. She was condemned by him and others who were influenced by Price.

There are thousands of other similar stories of evidence being produced regularly. Every mental medium, including myself, produces small pieces of evidence that pertain to getting the information from some other source. These miracles are happening every day, everywhere, to thousands of people.

You might wonder if any of the leaders have ever experienced evidence, and if so, were they able to change people’s views. The answers are yes and no!

We know through records that **Queen Victoria and members of the British Royal family, ever since, have requested mediums to attend palaces for private readings. The late Queen Mother and the late **Queen Elizabeth had mediums carry out readings for them. But, of course, this had to be kept secret. The Royals, including Queen Elizabeth, were head of the Church Of England, and it would not be publicly acceptable for them to support other beliefs.

Winston Churchill was known to frequent séances and had strong beliefs and great interest in the afterlife. Often, he attended events with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and other highly respected dignitaries to explore and connect to the spirit world.

These powerful voices of their generation did not talk openly about their belief in an afterlife for fear that the masses would condemn them as mad and not mentally stable enough to lead the nation.

So what on earth does it take to convince everyone, and more importantly, what difference would it make to our lives?

A recent article in The Inspired Spirit mentioned one of Thomas Edison’s potential inventions. He believed in the afterlife and decided that he could create a phone-like device to communicate with the spirit world. His first model failed, even though he believed it worked on a scientific theory of collecting information from the energy of the spirit world. His death came before he could hone the invention into a working model. As the inventor of the common light bulb, he had learnt that to succeed, failing was part of the process. When asked why he had failed over a thousand times to invent the working bulb, he responded,

I have not failed one thousand times. I’ve just found one thousand ways the bulb does not work.

It goes without saying that we can be confident in believing Edison would have committed more time to his ghost phone and, who knows, might have one day succeeded.

If Edison had eventually succeeded with his ghost phone, where would it be now? Technology would most certainly have created it into a device for the masses, in the same way we all carry smartphones that connect us to the world wide web and everyone anywhere.

It is hard to imagine the potential of such a device and even more difficult to appreciate how it would have impacted our society. Perhaps mediums would now be known as operators! But seriously, would the religions have needed to change their creed and dogma? Would dictators have been able to rule their nations against the forces of the universe? Would terrorism exist where the belief of dying a martyr would be proven as utter nonsense?

Would society’s morals have been diluted as badly as they have? Would manners have been forgotten as much as they appear to have today? Would hate, jealousy, envy, and all the other evils of our world continue to exist? That one simple invention of a ghost phone might have changed the course of time like A.G.Bell’s invention did.

The truth is that the likelihood of Edison being allowed to succeed with his ghost phone by the Divine forces is slim. The very fabric of our society would have been impacted so much that the reasons for our existence would have been severely challenged.

In the same way that a simple ghost phone would not have been allowed to exist on Earth, the mysteries of the spirit world need to remain exactly that – mysterious. The lessons we learn in this life are important. They are part of a bigger plan, a greater cause, a deeper understanding.

The bigger picture is not in getting more people to believe there is another life after this one. It is in exploring ourselves, our deeper meaning, our purpose and our spiritual purpose. We do not need to wish others would hold our beliefs, only that we work for our own enlightenment. So long as we continue to pursue our own inner spiritual understanding, that is all that truly matters.

Here’s one final question to ponder. Would you really want to live in a world where everyone accepts there is another life after this one?



* The story of Helen Duncan’s life is one of the most fascinating and one that all students should research.

** Leslie Flint was one of the mediums often called upon for royal sittings.

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