A Day To Remember

Thursday 8th September 2022 – a date in itself we may soon forget, but we’ll always remember what we were doing when the news broke that our Queen had passed to the Spirit world.

09:00] I told Jane that I needed to go into the cabinet in the Sanctuary later that day. I asked her to remind me later, should I forget.

10:00] I went up to my office to work where I heard the news on the television that the Queen was quite unwell. I put a post on my Facebook group suggesting that we all send healing thoughts to the Queen.

12:45] Jane called up to me for dinner. The news on television was reporting that members of the Royal family had been told to get to Balmoral Castle as quickly as they could. The Queen was being reported as not well at all.

1:45] I went to my Sanctuary in the garden. I took my seat in the cabinet, closed the curtains and sat in my power.

2:30] I opened up my notebook, titled a blank page, started my internal listening and when I felt ready, I began writing the words I was hearing from the spirit world.

The full edition of the notes will be available soon in the free WFIW publication. Here are the opening sentences from those notes.

A peace will transcend into your world very soon. It is during such shifts of energy that your fellow man can spend time contemplating and reassessing their individual purposes in their life. . . . .


Later in the words, the following message was heard and written:


When the Divine welcomes someone back home after their life on earth comes to an end, there is much joy and happiness. The sadness and the grief are aspects of life on earth and are not present in our life here.


3:15] At the end of the writing, I felt I had to sit in the dark a little longer and duly did so. During those moments in the power, in my mind’s vision, I saw a vision of the Queen’s hand being enveloped by the hand of Prince Philip. I could only see the hands, but I knew it was the Queen and her late husband.

I knew at that moment at 3:15 pm that the Queen was leaving us. I felt great humbleness knowing that I had witnessed Prince Philip’s hand as he encouraged his wife to join him, reunited in spirit.

Several weeks before this day, I had written the words from spirit where they suggested that a period of mourning was ahead when someone major was to be leaving this life for the next one. I also had questions answered about her future life in spirit. Here is an excerpt from those notes made on 4th June 2022:


You have great curiosity about your Queen at this time and how long she might have left on your earth. We don’t know that, for this is the knowledge that remains with greater powers on this side. We could do you feel, like yourself and many other people that she appears to be coming into her last few weeks or months of life there. I felt you wondering what happens when she comes to this side of life.

There are no red carpets for her arrival. She will receive the same reception as everyone who crosses here. She will be greeted by her family and given time to settle and adjust to the new life. There is [are] no special roles or needs for titles and so the Queens status will count for nothing. Of course, she may create a comfortable life for herself here and recreate some of the pleasures she experienced on earth. Elizabeth will be in popular demand to teach, hold lectures, discussions and the like.

We’ve heard that she will also be given the opportunity to work with horses, thanks to her first experience with them on earth. She’ll be delighted when she learns how easy it is to communicate with them here too.

As you are aware, members of the royalty have always had a good understanding of life after death, so it will be no surprise to her when she awakens for the first time. Philip has spent much of his time watching over her since he arrived. When he first arrived he took great interest in learning some genealogy of his family and of course has enjoyed meeting many of them. He enjoyed the reunion he had with his grandmother who he never really knew much about. He has also taken up the hobby of fishing. Before you ask, for him that experience of fishing will be as real as it would have been on Earth and equally enjoyable.

We don’t know this for certain, but we feel that Elizabeth already has planned her parting from earth. Her spirit, we hear, is waning and wants to be reunited with Philip.

Like so many of your high-profile people that have returned home, she has strong reservations about the state of the world at this time, but as we mentioned a few sessions ago, there are plans in place to jolt the planet back onto a better metaphorical axis and change the energy that he is dominating at this time. The greater good must and always will prevail.


This was not the only occasion when I appeared to be giving an insight. The records will show that the spirit world advised me of a ‘shift’ that was coming. When I wrote the notes a little under a month ago, I thought it was just words without foundation or evidence. The spirit world were not wrong.

When I returned to the house after seeing the vision of the Queen’s hand, I warned Jane that the Queen was about to pass. The Queen’s passing was announced to the government officials at 4:30 pm and the general public at 6:30 pm on Thursday 8th September 2022. At the time of writing this, the precise time of passing has not been yet released to the public. I am expecting it to be around 3:15 pm.

A great peace has dropped into our planet. There has been an energy shift. Our times are in transition. The greater good is prevailing.


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