The Story Of The Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

I hadn’t been living in the north of England for very long. I was trying to settle into a new community where I knew nobody. After several weeks of preparing myself mentally I was ready to restart my mediumship with a private reading.

My partner, Jane, had invited a friend she’d come to know from her slimming world sessions. Jane told me nothing about this lady other than she was interested in having a reading from me.

The day came and I was in my Sanctuary awaiting the lady’s arrival at our home. I was sitting in silence and preparing myself mentally with a prayer/conversation to my spirit team. Part of that conversation went something like this . . .

Divine spirit and the team that are working with me in the spirit world. As I connect with you through these words, I ask that today you help me stay as pure and clear a vessel as possible for any communications that you make with me for the reading I’m about to do.

I ask that the evidence you pass to me be clear and meaningful for my lady client. Further, I ask that you supply me with gold nugget evidence for the lady that I could not possibly know and that satisfies her need for proof of the continuation of life after earthly death.

Shortly after finishing the prayer, there was a knock on the sanctuary door. My client had arrived and Jane had escorted her from the house to the sanctuary. I greeted her and made sure she was seated comfortably.

Without sharing too many of the details of the reading, I had a clear connection with her passed husband from the spirit world. I even passed on his first name which surprised me as being accurate.

In a fashion I was not used to, the lady stayed silent throughout most of the reading, not even confirming his name was accurate. I was not used to this kind of response from clients. My experience had been in the south of England where the culture was somewhat more open. Perhaps it was also because I was an unknown medium from the south working in a northern town and hadn’t yet gained respect. Who knows why, but I did find the reading hard going.

As the hour was coming to an end, I was not convinced I’d given enough evidence for the lady to accept. I’d spent most of that hour describing the man I had with me, his curly hair, sense of humour, places they’d been and the undying love he had for the lady. Remember, she has not yet confirmed to me who this was or their relationship. So I had no clues as to whether anything I’d said made any sense.

Anyway, as the time was nearly up, I attuned even closer to the thoughts in the mind. Next it seemed like there was an argument going on.

“I need some gold nugget information please.”

“You’ve got it. Gold nugget information.” I heard

“What does that mean? Where’s my gold nuggets?”

Ask her.” came the reply.

I was confused. For some reason, I’m not sure why, I said the following to the lady,

Would you understand why this man is referring me to a gold nugget? Is there something special about a gold nugget you would understand?”

The lady uncrossed her arms, smiled and said, have you finished the reading now so I can give you feedback?”

Yes I have. I responded in a tone that sounded like I’d given up.

The lady bent down and reached into her handbag on the floor alongside her and pulled out a little box. She held it covered while you proceeded to explain who I’d been talking to. It was her late husband whose name I had given accurately. I’d described his hair, his features, his build, his ways, his personality and some of their fond memories, even though I’d not known he was referring to them both together.

The lady even commented that at one point in the reading she’d thought she could see her husband’s face over mine. And then she made her final declaration. She showed me the little box in her hand. She slowly opened the lid of the box and revealed a gold nugget. Well, to be honest, it was a gold ingot, but that’s close enough for a moment!

In his last few weeks of life on earth he’d bought this ingot for her to own as a lasting memory once he’d passed. It was pure gold – literally. He’d also made an agreement with her that if he were to communicate through a medium, the gold nugget would be part of the conversation. Yes, he referred to it as a gold nugget.

All I could do was laugh in response. The lady couldn’t understand why I was giggling so much. I had to explain to her about my earlier conversation with the spirit team where I’d insisted on gold nugget validations. They’d made that happen – again literally!

The lady was moved by the reading and delighted. It had been a free reading from me, but she left a small sum of money with Jane as she left because she knew I wouldn’t take it.

To me, this is the best sign of the sense of humour that the spirit world have. They must have been laughing their non-existent heads off watching me work with that final piece of the jigsaw.


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