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Does the medium allow it to happen?

Mediums have a difficult enough task as it is when it comes to proving their abilities. They offer themselves naked, metaphorically speaking, to strangers if they are doing their task correctly.

Unlike artistes in other public performances, the medium enters the public arena with no scripts. Other than stagecraft skills and a few well worked lines to glue their words together, the key ingredient is out of their hands. What key ingredient? Summed up in one word – evidence.

When a medium offers their services to an audience, be it a single person in a private environment, or a gathered audience in a venue, there is only one thing expected of them. That is evidence. Evidence that there is a continuation of life. Without it, the medium is like a painter without brushes. The role of the medium is to bring forward evidence from the person in spirit that they are continuing to live since their earthly demise.

A medium can be polished, confident, cheerful and even entertaining. But without revealing any evidence from the spirit world, they are missing their purpose.

But what exactly is evidence?

This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of mediumship and often judged wrongly by both the medium and the recipient. More often than not, evidence comes as a collection. Yes, it would be nice to receive names, dates, and the like, every single time. But the reality is that this form of evidence is not always going to be captured by the medium.

People tend to want to believe that if a medium is connected to someone in the spirit world, surely getting their name, address and earth date of birth is just a matter of asking for it? Those expectations only reflects the person’s lack of knowledge about the processes involved in the communication. There are many elements that the medium has to overcome for ‘pure’ communications. More often than we’d all like, the messages they relay are diluted or lost in the translation process between being received in the medium’s mind and being relayed through their voice.

When listening to a medium that is relaying a message to you, it pays dividends to record the session, take copious notes, and listen without expectations. The evidence may be subtle, but evidence none the less.

In a meditation one day, I had a friend that had passed over come through to me. At first, I doubted that she could have done so, so soon after her earthly passing. During her brief conversation with me, I recognised her voice in my mind. I recognised also her way of talking, the form of the words and the way she looked at me. But the clincher for me was when she made a specific movement with her eyes and her face that I could not have recalled with my own mind.

That was evidence without words and immediately allowed me to accept without question that she had connected with me.

Be alert for the tiny elements of the medium’s communication. Perhaps in the way they are standing, or the way they are using their hands. The way the medium repeats something, ticks in the wording, phrases and sayings. Remember that the medium should be bringing forward the essence of the person in spirit, not just the specific words you want to hear.

As a medium myself, I would suggest that there are many messages and communications from the spirit world that have failed to reach their intended recipients. Partially because the medium was slightly out in the wording or expression, but more so because the recipient was hoping for something specific that the medium hadn’t received or relayed.

Some mediums may not be attuned enough to carry out the task of mediumship to a high enough standard to satisfy their audience. It happens! No medium is guaranteed to be good every time. But so long as their intent is from a good place, and they’ve not taken money with false claims, that is how it rolls.

Gold nugget evidence comes with experience, with practice, and with an understanding of the process of mediumship. But the biggest mistake most new mediums make when getting to grips with their new craft, is by focussing too much on pleasing the recipient and not staying attuned to their connection.

Of course the medium should be seeking evidence to back up the connection, but that should not be the only focal point. As discussed earlier, strong evidence can come in many forms and not just through words alone. Mediums that filter their messages are often removing the actual evidence in error. Instead, the medium should report everything as it is happening.

“I’m sorry, but this person is picking their nose for some odd reason. . . “


“He’s very quiet with me. I’m not hearing him clearly. “


“I wish she’d stop swearing at me.”

All of those are pieces of evidence that could be vital to the recipient. But if the medium chooses to ignore them, evidence from the connection is lost.

In my humble experience and based on my own development, the worst condition a medium can find themselves in is in not trusting that the spirit person is present. They are, it’s just that the medium is not allowing themselves the freedom of expression for fear of ego damage.

I have developed a relationship of trust with my spirit connection through my work of transcribing the words of spirit (WFSIW). These days, I rarely seek evidence. Why? Because I know beyond question that the words I am transcribing are coming from a source higher than my own imagination.

By removing those two elements from my work, (trusting the spirit connect is there & wasting time seeking evidence that is not required), my communication link is stronger and free to flow without inhibitions. This in turn strengthens my connection.

So let me summarise. In a public situation, as a medium, you will be expected to reveal some evidence of a continuation of life. But that evidence may not only rely on specific words or facts, instead, on expressions, an essence of the person, or a tiny detail that would be unique to the person in spirit. The strength of the evidence will largely be due to the depth of the medium’s connection, and their experience in understanding what is and what isn’t good enough evidence.

As a recipient of a reading from a medium, there are things you should always be watching and listening out for. Look out for mannerisms of the medium, gestures, expressions, silly words, the way the medium is interacting with their connect, and many other tiny elements that might just prove the medium is connected to whom they claim to be.


| A good medium will always reveal evidence.

Not so. Even the best mediums will occasionally fail.

| There aren’t that many good mediums.

There are more mediums capable of connecting with the spirit world than the few well known names of stage and television.

| Mediums are only any good if they were born with a gift.

Nonsense. They may be more stage-crafted, but age or experience plays only one part in the picture. A student can produce evidence from their mediumship after only days or weeks of learning. When the spirit world want to pass something on, they will find a way and a person.

| The more a medium charges, the better their experience.

Money has nothing to do with it. Many fine mediums rarely charge a fee at all.

| This medium is well known and has a big profile on social media.

And? We’re talking about mediumship abilities. This is not about publicity, egos or popularity. They might well be a great medium, but the words ‘international medium’ count for nothing in their abilities as a medium.

This is a topic that a book could be written about and there would still be more to discuss. But if you’ve enjoyed this article, please do leave your comments and thoughts below.



I want you to imagine you are about to do a demonstration of your mediumship in a group with a few people. You are about to start and are stood in front of the people, all looking at you eagerly in anticipation.

What are your initial challenges? Are you concerned as to whether there is a spirit connection? Are you nervous? Are you fearing not being able to forward anything useful?

If you answered yes to at least one of those situations, you’re quite normal. Many mediums are going through this mental battle at first.

But let me change the situation. This time, you’ve made one difference to your approach before you stood. Ready? The difference is in your belief from the start. You now know without question that there is a spirit connect. You’re still not feeling anyone or anything, you just know beyond doubt that there is a spirit connect. The need to feel hairs tingling or other sensations is no longer important. You know that the spirit connection will be there, and you may not even be aware of it.

Now, how are you feeling about doing the reading? Less nervous? Yes. Why? Because you are now confident that the spirit world will be there for you. So what’s next?

The answer is start talking. Don’t think about what you are saying at first. Just talk. This is akin to turning the tap on and allowing the flow of water/words.

Does it matter if everything you say doesn’t make sense to anyone? Not at first. The flow of talking the thoughts out of your mind will allow the spirit connect to plant something important in the flow. That something important is the start of your connection.

When one of your audience accepts that information as pertaining to them, then you can continue with the focus directed at them whilst continuing to say what is in your mind.

What I am suggesting here is that you need to stop inhibiting the words you speak by over thinking what is in your mind. Trust that the words that matter will flow, if you allow them to.

The more you allow this to happen, the more you will give a medium for the communicators in spirit to use.

I’m going to set you a challenge now. Please use this opportunity to practise. You do not need to be feeling anyone from the spirit world being with you. You might, and that is good. But you might not, so don’t worry about it and continue with this exercise anyway.

Grab yourself a pen and paper.

Prepare yourself as you would normally do so for a reading. If you don’t have a regular ritual, then just close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes whilst saying the Lord’s Prayer.

Open your eyes, pick up your pen and write down words about someone you have with you from the spirit world. They will be known to me, Trevor. They will share with you a little memory from their association with me from their time on earth.

Don’t stop to think about what you’re writing – just write, as if you were talking to me.

Then finish by thanking them for sharing their words with you.

If you can, use your smartphone to photograph the notes. If you want to instead, rewrite the notes on an email. Send your results to me at psychictrev@gmail.com

I will stake money on something you have said in the words as meaning something to me about someone I know in the spirit world. Evidence, in other words, that life continues.

I’ll be honest with you when I reply with the conclusion from your notes. You might just be surprised with what you’ve achieved.

Good luck.

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