The Grunting Spirit


When the pressure appears to be on and when the seeds of self doubt have grown into mental monsters, the spirit team will not let me down. They step up to the challenge and often reveal their presence in miraculous ways. One such incredible incident happened on 18th February 2022.

I was in my studio at 1:45pm. A private reading was due to take place at 3:00pm. Everything was prepared. The Zoom connection was ready and the Spirited Talk logo showed on the screen with a piece of quiet meditation music playing as background. The virtual waiting room was switched off so my guest could join whenever they were ready.

I opened my Tarot card box, rang the little bell inside to call the spirit team and took the cards from the silk. I closed my eyes, prayed and spoke to the Spirit team while I shuffled the cards. I often use the Tarot to find out a little about the client by asking the spirit team to give me a bit of information that might be useful during the forthcoming reading.

Many people will state that the use of Tarot is simply tapping into an earthly energy along with the medium’s intuition. That is, more often than not, true. It’s a psychic tool. But many years ago, I realised that the Spirit world were able to use these cards to communicate through to me. The tarot, for me, is a gateway to the Spirit team. They, through the cards, are rarely wrong. That said, it does rely on my intuitive interpretations at that moment.

When I felt it was time to stop shuffling, I opened my eyes and dealt three cards from the top of the pack. For the simple system I was using, the first is the ‘Now’ card, the second card I place to the left of it is the ‘Past’ card. The third card is placed to the right of the ‘Now’ card and is the ‘Future’ card. I then place the remaining pack alongside, ready should I need more explanations.

On revealing the first card it immediately confirmed that my client was looking to hear from a parent in the spirit world. I assumed at this point that it must be their mother. The cards did not tell me that – that was my assumption. I made a few notes from what I was feeling for all the cards. After a few minutes of summarising, I stopped.

The clock showed I had 30 minutes left before my client was due to connect. I used that time to settle quietly, close my eyes and connect to the Spirit world once more. I started with a prayer, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. This establishes the intent to work with good intent.

I then started my inner conversation with my spirit team. I asked that I be as pure a vessel as possible for their communications. I then asked that my client’s mother in the spirit world to draw close and communicate with me as clearly as possible.

Suddenly, and very loudly, I heard a male voice grunt. The sound came through my studio monitors. I jumped with shock. I opened my eyes expecting to see my client had connected on Zoom. He wasn’t and actually couldn’t have because although I’d thought I’d switched the waiting room off, it was in fact still on. I quickly checked all the equipment trying to figure out where this voice had come from. There was nothing live that could have caused it. Yet I clearly heard a man grunt in the studio and it appeared to come through the desk sound monitors.

After eliminating all other possibilities, I started to think. “Could this be the voice of spirit? What was that all about and why?”

And then it hit me. I knew beyond doubt, that it was not my client’s mother in the spirit world, but his father. He wanted me to get that correct and had made himself known, physically – not in my mind, but really – in the room. I was so excited by this correction and was now ready to start my reading as soon as my client connected.

A few moments later, my client appeared on the screen. I knew nothing about him. All week I’d deliberately limited where I went on social media for fear of stumbling on anything relating to this man. I didn’t know where he was speaking to me from, what he did for a living, his relationships, nothing. This man was a blank canvas for me – the way I wanted it to be.

I had planned to have a longish chat before the reading to establish my working methods, what he could expect and all that normal stuff. But that all went out of the window.

I excitedly started the reading almost immediately. Without watching his reactions on screen, I had my head down, I shared with them the findings of the cards I’d dealt around 30 minutes earlier. I told him how I believed he wanted to hear from a parent in the spirit world and how I’d initially thought it was the mum at first.

I explained that I’d changed my mind because of something that had happened during my earlier reading alone. Somewhat embarrassingly I shared the story of the grunt I’d heard from the Spirit world, rectifying my error and then I stared at my client on screen as I declared I thought it was his father correcting me, with physical evidence.

I could see that my client’s face was filled with emotions. He was both excited and happy. Over the following hour, I shared everything the father was telling me in detail. The father recalled stories from the past containing details nobody could have known. The essence of his late father was with us, without any question of doubt. It was the tiny details that made all the difference, that others might not have voiced for fear of it being irrelevant. 

I would love to share some more of those details here for you to read, but I have not permission to do so and I respect the client’s privacy. During the summing up from him at the end of the hour he revealed an important detail. His father had suffered a stroke at the end of his life. (something I had not known or revealed). He had lost the ability to communicate through words. But what he did instead was grunt – loud and clear. Those around him, learnt to know what he was trying to say. The father’s grunts had various meanings.

One final detail I will reveal from the reading. Towards the end of the reading, my client’s father revealed to me what he was doing now. He said that he was playing bowls with his mate over there. He told me he’d not had time to play bowls when he was this side of life, but was enjoying it now.

My client revealed that once, when they were on holiday as a family, his father had decided to have a game of bowls with his mate who was with them. It was the one and only game he’d ever played, but at the time said that he’d loved to do it again at some point. Finally, he was now doing it with his old mate, who was also now in that world with him!


This one incident proves the power of Spirit at work. My confidence was low before the reading. However, I followed my normal rituals and asked for the support of spirit to be with me. My trust, although wavering, remained such that I knew I should be ok with the reading so long as I trusted myself. The spirit team had wanted me to get it right and stepped in and made sure of a good start.

I completely understand it when others tell me they lack confidence. I know, because I still do after years of study and doing. Confidence, or lack of it, can be overcome with trust. Trust that spirit are there. Trust that the spirit world will do all they can to help you. Trust that, so long as you keep your own mind out of the interpretations, your messages will be good. Perhaps, until your abilities become more obvious to you – strip back what you receive to the bare minimum of information that you know is correct without tagging your own stuff onto it.

In this example above, you’ll read that the cards had told me right from the moment I revealed them, that a parent was in the spirit world. It was me that assumed it was a mother in my need to narrow it down. On this occasion, I would have been wrong if it had not been for the physical voice evidence that straightened it out before the reading. So if I’d declared I had a parent in the spirit world, I’d have been correct. But declaring it was a mother, would have been so wrong and would have potentially made the reading difficult to recover from. That did not happen in my case because spirit informed me with the grunt before the reading and sorted the error out.

I repeat what I’ve always stood by and strongly believe. The role of a medium is to be the best ambassador for and with the spirit world. Egos & fame should not be part of the process of growing.