Praying For Things We Don’t Want

Nicole Powell

The Reverend Nicole was originally invited to share a short piece for the Spirited Talk audience in 2020. Her wealth of knowledge and understanding, combined with her presentation abilities meant that Nicole was invited back after the following recording to share her full story.

What you’re about to hear was unscripted. Connecting via Zoom from her home in Canada, Nicole spoke with clarity as she shared this wonderful example of her philosophy with me.

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Rev. Nicole Powell

Nicole shows through this recording that having a deep knowledge from years of study through education results in an ability to talk with wisdom, without the need for notes.


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Some of the links and promotions within these audio podcasts may have changed since the recordings were originally produced. However the sentiments and main content is as relevant now as ever.

What Is A Podclass?

The word ‘podclass’ was devised by Trevor for Spirited Talk in 2020 and was used to define the learning podcasts. Selective guests were chosen to share their classroom style lessons, using Trevor as the student.

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